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Proposed town budget now online

October 13, 2021
WOLFEBORO — Town Manager Jim Pineo announced the completion of his proposed budget for 2022 at the Oct. 6 Board of Selectmen meeting. Not only was he pleased to have that 347-page document accomplished but he was doubly happy to be able to offer it, in its entirety, online. Pineo offered appreciation to the new full time IT manager for a thorough, accurate job well done. This is the first year it has been able to be presented online.

Suzanne Ryan spoke up to say thanks, too, commenting, "I won't need to go the library to see the budget this year!"

The proposed budget contains the known increases in NH Retirement, a 10 percent estimated increase in health insurance, a 4 percent increase for Police Union employees and the scheduled increases in debt service. The General Fund (GF) budget without Capital Outlay requests is $15,722,713 (up 6.3 percent). The GF labor and benefits are up $661,378 (7.4 percent). The GF operating expenses are up $267,952 (4.5 percent).

The total budget without Capital Outlay requests is $29,581,819, which represents a 4.2 percent increase over the last budget. The total budget for operating expenses is up $482,433 (2.8 percent) .

14 Capital Outlay requests, totalling $616,409 are listed for the Board's consideration. Seven Capital Outlays for the GF have a potential tax impact.

Warrant articles are not yet prepared for the warrant, so those possible expenditures (to be voted on by the electorate) are not included in the proposed budget. Pineo said one successor labor contract remains to be negotiated.

Martin Lord Osman
Salmon Press
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