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Wolfeboro police report uptick in gun violence

July 29, 2021
WOLFEBORO — June police activity included 59 incidents, 71 offenses, 40 arrests, 11 accidents and 322 traffic stops (9 tickets issued), according to Chief Dean Rondeau, reporting to the Wolfeboro Police Commission on July 15.

Discussion turned to staffing of the midnight shift with a question from Commissioner Robert O'Brien as to how the department manages with one officer on duty. Rondeau said there are certain protocols for some calls that require more than one officer to be present, and he is trying to mitigate the situation with back up. State Police are off the road at 2 a.m., the Sheriff's Dept. is off the road at 11 p.m. and the Wolfeboro department is the only 24/7 police department in the area said the chief.

He remarked as well that just as the state is seeing an uptick in gun violence, so is Wolfeboro. While the number of crimes is stable, the severity is not. In a follow up conversation with the Grunter, Rondeau said in the last year alone, three gun incidents occurred late at night the first incident involving multiple attempted homicides, another was a shooting out on ice involving fishermen, the other was a homicide at Pine Hill Cemetery, an open case under investigation by the state's Major Crimes Unit.

A few days ago, said Rondeau, officers disrupted a domestic attempted homicide involving a felon in possession of firearms. The gun that was fired had no serial numbers, requiring a report to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and interaction with additional federal agencies. Most gun incidents occur late day.

"Twenty years ago, we almost never saw hard drugs...now it is becoming routine, almost an anomaly, to just find marijuana," he added, continuing that most drug users are polydrug users, that is, they are using amphetamines and opiates as well.

The next Police Commission meeting is scheduled for Aug. 19 at 4 p.m. in the Bradley Room of the Wolfeboro Public Library.

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