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REGGI rebates passed along to Wolfeboro MED customers

April 01, 2021
WOLFEBORO — Wolfeboro Municipal Electric customers will see a slight reduction in their electric bills for three months commencing in April. Barry Muccio, Director of Opertions for the Municipal Electric Department received approval from the Board of Selectmen n March 3 for distribution of a little over $100,000 in RGGI rebate dollars from the last quarter to customers through a .0064 cent reduction per kilowatt hour. That could amount to about $5 per customer.

RGGI ( Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) is a program that limits carbon emissions from power plants, with a trading market for allowances to exceed those limits. (Fossil fuel burning power plants must purchase allowances for every ton of carbon dioxide they emit.) States can split revenues between customer rebates and clean energy programs.

Sen. Maggie Hassan worked to enroll New Hampshire in the carbon cap-and-trade program known as RGGI in 2009 when she was a state legislator. RGGI is expected to generate $27 million for New Hampshire this year. Since 2013, the New Hampshire Legislature has mandated the bulk of the proceeds to be rebated back to ratepayers to reduce their energy costs. The lesser portion is dedicated to energy-efficiency efforts. Attempts to change that ratio have been unsuccessful.

According to Karen Cramton of the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, a minimum of 15 percent of that portion is applied to low income projects, up to $2 million goes to Municipal Energy Efficiency projects, and any remainder goes to an all-fuels program which may include weatherization and other projects.

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