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Cable Franchise Team sends out Atlantic Broadband user survey

December 02, 2020
WOLFEBORO — Beginning Friday, Dec. 4, Wolfeboro residents will find a brief survey along with their electric bills asking for their views on Atlantic Broadband's (ABB) service and support here in Wolfeboro.

A survey was last done upon contract renewal ten years ago, and at this juncture, the Wolfeboro Cable Franchise team would like to hear from subscribers as to their opinions on service availability, repair, and customer support.

"We ask our residents and businesses to be honest, frank and thoughtful with their survey inputs. We want to show ABB areas of improvement as well as areas that appear to be working well," says Selectman Paul O'Brien.

He adds, "The Town of Wolfeboro cannot set prices for ABB services, nor can we set minimum service standards. Performance requirements and contract conditions are governed by state and federal statutes. But we can show the incumbent where they need to improve."

Residents may either fill the survey out and mail it back with their electric bill payments or fill it out online at https://www.wolfeboronh.us where one will find a link to the survey. The cable franchise team will tabulate the responses and publish the results.

O'Brien says that ABB is aware of the town's inquiry regarding service and points out that the present contract is not exclusive. Any licensed carrier is free to submit a proposal to operate within the town, subject to contract conditions. A recent example is the entrance of Charter Communications into the Ossipee Corner/ Brown's Ridge area of Wolfeboro, an area that would have been prohibitively expensive for ABB to set up and service.

The survey will enable the team to be clear with existing and prospective carriers about subscribers' expectations. Its effectiveness is dependent upon residents taking the time to participate in the survey.

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