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Covid-19 rate spikes in Wolfeboro

November 19, 2020
WOLFEBORO — The leadership of Calvary Church of Wolfeboro announced on its Web site on Nov. 11 that several people in the church had confirmed positive for COVID-19, with a few more test results to come. Those with positive test results were said to be self-quarantining in their homes.

As of our press deadline for this week's edition, a total of 25 individuals with ties to church members who may have attended the 9 and 11:30 a.m. services on Sunday, Nov. 1 had tested positive for the virus.

Wolfeboro's case numbers, tracked by WMUR, spiked from last week's mention in the paper of the Nov. 10 listing of five active cases and a 23 cumulative count to the Nov. 17 report declaring 19 active cases and a cumulative count of 40. It appears that the town made it through the peak tourist season with low numbers (tourists or summer residents who tested positive though were recorded in the count of their home residences) only to face the repercussions of activities moving indoors at the onset of cooler weather.

Covid-19 is making itself known, in a lesser, but still impactful, number at Brewster Academy.

Brewster Academy sent a letter to its community on Nov. 14, announcing the positive test result of a member of the community who traveled off campus and subsequently entered quarantine. And on Nov. 15, Head of School Craig Gemmell wrote again to announce another positive case, that of an adult member of the community, leading the school to deploy contact tracing measures to identify primary contacts.

"A significant fraction of the primary contacts live together in one dormitory; though CDC guidance does not necessitate that we do so, all members of that dormitory will be placed in quarantine. Those students and their parents are in the process of being notified and the students will head home as soon as is reasonably possible," wrote Gemmell, explaining as well that other primary contacts on campus are in isolation.

There will be no more interscholastic sports competitions prior to or during break.

Wolfeboro Health Officer Schelley Rondeau, RN, reminds everyone it is important to wear masks and wash hands, stay home if not feeling well and be kind.

"It takes everyone working together to keep our community safe and productive," she says, and points to the town website as a source for updated information.

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