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Tuftonboro prepares for Election Day

October 15, 2020
TUFTONBORO — Tuftonboro Town Moderator Dan Barnard estimates that he may need around thirty personnel in all to carry out all the proper procedures on Election Day, Nov. 3, to be held at the Tuftonboro Central School from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voting numbers, including in person and absentee, are expected to be high, increasing the need for volunteers.

Barnard visited the Board of Selectmen on Oct. 12 to review his plans in consideration of budgetary needs. He emphasized that nothing is carved in stone, for planning continues, but an increased need for personnel this election includes greeters for three-and-a-half-to-four-hour shifts to check for voter identification, maintain order/spacing in lines, distribute masks as needed, identify voters who choose not to wear a mask, and periodically wipe down surfaces.

A tent will be set up outside, just as with the September primary, for voters who choose not to wear a mask, and that separate voting booth requires an Assistant Moderator to monitor the second ballot box.

In addition this year, Barnard anticipates having two Assistant Town Clerks to check in voters and receive and process absentee ballots. The list of workers also includes the usual four ballot clerks, six 2 person teams of counters (each team to count 300 ballots), three Supervisors of the Checklist, with the three selectmen to assist in the pre-processing of absentee ballots and the compiling of count totals.

Several voters have asked how they can be sure to have their vote counted, says Barnard. He answers that question in the most recent edition of the Tuftonboro Times, writing, "Allegations of widespread voter fraud in New Hampshire have proved to be baseless. The State's practice of 'same day registration' (one can register to vote and vote at the polls on Election Day) has often been a source of concern because voters without an acceptable 'proof of domicile' can still sign an affidavit (and have their picture taken) stating that they are legal residents entitled to vote. Following the 2016 election the Secretary of State and Attorney General's offices reviewed 6,033 domicile affidavits. In most cases a legal residence for voting was confirmed; only four cases of wrongful voting were identified and prosecuted. Additionally, only five cases of duplicate voting were discovered. Secretary of State William Gardner, a former member of the now disbanded Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, has stated that he has never found evidence of widespread illegal voting in his 44 years in office."

Those residents who choose to vote by absentee can can track the progress of their ballot from application to receipt of the completed ballot by the Town Clerk by accessing the Secretary of State's website (https://sos.nh.gov/elections/voters/absentee-ballots/). Upon entering the town and their name, the voter can determine the progress of his or her ballot.

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