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Sullivan accepts position in Nashua

Public Works Director Dave Ford and departing Planning and Development Director Matthew Sullivan share a laugh as they pose for a last photo together. Sullivan is now Planning Director for the City of Nashua. (Photo by Elissa Paquette) (click for larger version)
October 08, 2020
WOLFEBORO — Planning and Development Director Matthew Sullivan's service to the town, beginning in 2016, formally ended on September 17, as he has accepted a position as head of the city of Nashua's planning department.

He might be seen heading in and out of town hall for a while as he takes care of loose ends with various ongoing projects, but in these times of Covid-19, goodbyes have been said, including a car parade organized by staff to show appreciation.

Commenting on Sullivan's departure, Director of Public Works David Ford, whose work continuously intersects with the planning department, wrote that Sullivan came to town "with very big shoes to fill. Surprisingly, he fit right in and was able to keep his busy department going. He was and is a pleasure to work with as he is very intelligent but also personable, he listens when he should and speaks with authority when necessary. I am shocked that he has only been here three years as it seems we have been through a lot and got a lot accomplished in that timeframe.

"Matt was also very technologically advanced and came to my rescue on a regular basis and was a key person in assisting the town with Town Meeting presentations, stakeholder meetings and most recently with virtual meetings going on everywhere. He was a lot of fun to work with as he could take a joke ( we kidded him all the time about his colorful socks!) and he could give it back in a friendly way. I will miss him dearly as he made our difficult jobs a little easier and wish him the best."

Planning Board Chairman Kathy Barnard added, "Matt was a wonderful addition to the Town Hall staff and always gave 100 percent. He works very well with people especially dealing with land use issues, which are not easy to resolve to everyone's satisfaction. He was a good listener and most times came up with solutions to issues that addressed the concerns of all parties. He worked tirelessly on the updated Master Plan and helped improve many of the zoning ordinances. He was upbeat and fun to work with. Matt gave his all to the Town and he will be missed, but the City of Nashua has gained an enthusiastic, forward thinking new employee! We all wish him well."

For his part, Sullivan shared, "Without the tremendous support of this community I would not be moving on to pursue a new community development opportunity and challenge. Perhaps the most substantial lesson imparted upon me by my experience has been the extent to which people dedicate themselves to the community that they care about.

"Through my experience with the Planning Board, Zoning Boards, Board of Selectmen, and other Town boards and committees, I have seen that first hand and it will most certainly be the part about Wolfeboro that I miss and cherish most. I'm particularly proud of the tireless work of all those involved with the process of developing Wolfeboro's community Master Plan, which was adopted in 2019, and will continue to guide the community for the next ten (10) years and hopefully beyond.

"I would just like to thank all of the wonderful Town team, volunteers, and others I have worked with. It has been wonderful getting to know, work, and grow alongside them.

" I hope to watch Wolfeboro continue to protect what makes it unique and wonderful over the coming years and I'll think so fondly of my time during which I was able to be just a small part of that."

Mike Cryans
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