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More public input gathered on proposed police facility

September 03, 2020
TUFTONBORO — Commentary from members of the public on the proposal for a new police building was entertained at the Aug. 24 meeting of the Board of Selectmen. Chief Andy Shagoury reviewed the plans and answered questions on square footage.

A question that came up in an earlier public hearing related to opening use of the meeting room in the plan to the public. Shagoury commented at the time on the number of public meeting spaces already available in town, such as the Town House, the Town Offices building, the Central Station training room, and the Tuftonboro Free Library. The design allows for less square footage than the Selectmen's office in the Town Offices, said Shagoury.

Resident Art Hug asked if the new building (4,800 sqaure feet gross space and 3,788 sqare feet room space) will meet the town's needs for the next 30 years. Shagoury noted that the garage could be utilized for large evidence storage and takes into consideration the need of having a full staff of six officers, rather than four.

Paul Zimmerman stated that in his opinion, statistics do not justify the proposed size for a town of 2,600.

Architect Phil Bennett and the Board have set Sept. 8 for a meeting to examine feedback compiled from hearings and establish clear objectives.

In other police department business, Shagoury reported that the department had to execute a vehicle search warrant at Wakefield because Tuftonboro does not have the ability to process it inhouse or securely store it. He also mentioned that the NH State Laboratory is taking longer to precess evidence and no longer processes digital evidence.

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