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Road work underway in Tuftonboro

August 13, 2020
TUFTONBORO — Summer is the time for road improvements, and Tuftonboro is no exception.

Road Agent Jim Bean reports that the paving of a section of Northline Road by FR Carroll is complete. Another contractor will be fixing the end of Federal Corner Road at the junction of Middle Road. Shoulder work on Durgin Road will start in August. Paving of a portion of the lower section of Dame Road is planned for September.

Warrant article funding is expected to to cover the paving and ditch work with a few thousand dollars expected to remain. On July 24, the Board of Selectmen discussed the remaining budget and remaining items to be done. One of those projects to take down the worst of the trees marked last year to be cut.

Stopline striping has been done and roadside mowing has begun. Bean said he and his crew have had to repair washouts and re-ditch area on several road edges. No docking and no parking signs have been ordered and will be posted at Union Wharf, Lake Road, and Melvin Wharf upon their arrival. Some of the rocks on Lang Pond Beach have been put back.

The board discussed requiring driveway permits in light of the fact that some of the old dirt driveways hot topped this year weren't done to town specifications. Selectman Chip Albee made a successful motion to that effect, stating that the town now require any alterations, including pavement of a current driveway, must have a driveway permit application filled out.

Members agreed that Willand Road, in the process of being modified to fit Class V classification, will need to be brought up to specification for clearing snow whether or not that includes increasing visibility on Route 171 or not. Albee suggested that the road be made serviceable as a Class V Road before any big projects are undertaken. It was noted that several residents on the road object to some of the changes, but the Board noted that the decision to raise the classification was voted on in the affirmative at Town Meeting.

The person who was previously maintaining the road will soon no longer be able to do so, according to Marcussen. A public hearing is scheduled for Aug. 10 to accept $14,000 in private donations toward the work to be done. Any additional work will require funding that is not budgeted as of yet.

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