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Concerns raised about public use of Melvin Village Landing

August 14, 2019
TUFTONBORO — David Ladd came to the Aug. 5 selectmen's meeting to share the concerns expressed by River Reach Boat Club members at their recent annual meeting. Saying that he didn't want "to get heavy," he stated, "If it's to protect my people, I will get heavy."

At issue is trash from the public using the Melvin Village Landing at the end of Lake Road and people turning around in the private parking area owned by the club.

Ladd said that the area is crowded. Trucks are parked along Lake Road, adjacent to the lot, and when people maneuver in the River Reach lot, there can be verbal clashes. He said usually, people are able to cooperate with each other, but "attitudes today are not what they used to be." While the club is generally tolerant of the public's needs, members are not going to take verbal abuse, said Ladd.

He reported, also, that sometimes boats have been left along the header for several days.

Ladd asked for some sort of demarcation between the private and public space. Selectman Bill Marcussen suggested that Road Agent Jim Bean and Police Chief Andy Shagoury visit the area and return to the board with possible solutions. The board was amenable to that with added suggestions from Selectman Chip Albee that a sign be placed down at the ramp indicating a launch time limit of 15 minutes and additional signage designating where the public can park with information provided on alternate launch sites when there is no more parking space available.

Bean, in attendance at the meeting, suggested that two signs be posted designating the private land.

Selectman Lloyd Wood said he would see what could be done about the trash issue. Until then, perhaps cooler heads will prevail.

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