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Feedback welcome on crosswalk, rumble strip plans

July 12, 2019
WOLFEBORO — Opinions on the state's proposed elimination of two Wolfeboro crosswalks and the installation of over seven miles of rumble strips on Route 28 through town are welcome. On Wednesday, July 17, at 6:30 p.m., a public hearing will be held in the Great Hall to discuss the state's plans. Representatives from NH DOT will be present.

The two crosswalks destined for elimination by the Department of Transportation (DOT) are the crosswalk that crosses Route 28 between the Wright Museum and Willow St., and the crosswalk located near the junction of Route 109A and Route 28 between the flower shop and businesses across the street.

The DOT has recommended, in the interest of safety, the installation of a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) at the rail trail crossing adjacent to Blacksmith Printing and suggests that pedestrians in that area use the rail trail crosswalk. It says that the amount of pedestrian traffic on those other two crosswalks does not justify stopping traffic flow.

Public Works Director Dave Ford requested the hearing in advance of any changes, arguing in correspondence with the state that he does not believe the MUTC (FHA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways); Sacramento, CA; Boulder, CO; and North Carolina DOT have any applicability in the core of Wolfeboro. We are a unique community, with 3 significant NHDOT routes running thru its core. We do not even have one traffic light in Wolfeboro!"

As for the elimination of the two crosswalks, he wrote, "Our residents are used to stopping for pedestrians. If you eliminate a cross walk, pedestrians will still cross at these locations, and will create a greater hazard, because most motorists will stop and allow someone to cross at these locations, and will create a greater hazard, because most motorists will stop and allow someone to cross and then the next driver will not be forewarned by appropriate crosswalk signage that there is a cross walk coming up."

As reported by Mark Foynes in the May 23 issue of The Granite State News, the state intends to install rumble strips along 4.5 miles of NH 28 from NH 109 northerly to the Wolfeboro/Ossipee Town Line, and for 2.8 miles from just south of Willow Street northerly to NH 109. A hearing in Alton on the use of rumble strips drew objections to noise generated from vehicles crossing the line that travels a distance into adjacent neighborhoods.

For more information, citizens may contact the Public Works Department at 569-8176.

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