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Police Chief reports on March activities

April 25, 2019
WOLFEBORO — Chief Dean Rondeau, reporting to the Wolfeboro Police Commission on April 18, said the selection of a 14th office is underway. Just five candidates out of the eight who took the Physical Training test passed it.

"I'm always amazed that we have young men and women who cannot pass the Academy's PT test at the entry level standards," he commented, adding that it is a requirement that involves training in preparation.

Rondeau said the entry level physical standards are "pretty low," but the exit standards are high. He recommends that anyone interested in applying to be selected as a potential recruit, should train for the exit standards, available on line through the Police Standards and Training Council Web site.

The chief is asking that the Police Academy extend Officer Chris Dustin's Academy date from May to August in consideration of the increased activity in Wolfeboro in the summer and the current short staffing (medical, vacation and training schedules).

The new dispatcher, Cody Lloyd, a full time dispatcher with the Carroll County Sheriff's office, is "working out great!" according to the chief and captain.

Police prosecution, handled by prosecuting attorney Tim Morgan, resulted in a 97 percent conviction rate. March saw 30 defendants, responding to 31 cxharges. Of those, 16 were found or pled guilty, one was found not guilty; 14 were Placed on File (POF) pending good behavior for six months or more, with diversion, educaiton, and restitution components added to their sentences. Approximately $5,409 in fines, penalties and restitution were meted out to be collected by the state.

Rondeau said planning has begun already for July 4 operations. The department has the AT&T Colt truck scheduled for assistance. Its operation will be a means to test out the new 5G First Net capabilities to augment the department's communications platforms. Also, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers will be called upon to help with traffic control. He added that anyone interested in becoming a CERT volunteer can call Jane or Jeff at the Carroll County Coalition for Public Health at 301-1252, ext. 304.

A "top to bottom" rewrite of department Standard Operating Procedures is now complete, reported Rondeau. The process, taken on by Captain Mark Livie, took two years in all. They are out for "staffing", and will be submitted to the commissioners for final approval in June and July after supervisors and the chief have weighed in.

Training in March included Landlord Tenant Disputes, Major Crime Investigation, and Sexual Assault Response investigation. Part-time Dispatcher Cody Lloyd is in Distpatch FTO training.

March statistics: 256 traffic stops (eight tickets given out); 10 collisions; and 29 arrests.

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