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Selectmen wrap up loose ends from town meeting

March 27, 2019
TUFTONBORO —The Tuftonboro Board of Selectmen met for the first time post town meeting on March 18, beginning at 8:30 a.m. with two nonpublic sessions, one to continue drafting performance evaluations, the other in regard to hiring of a town employee.

The usual shifting of official duties was postponed until a recount requested by candidate Guy Pike could take place. In the interim, the recount, scheduled for March 20, resulted in the same vote totals (297 – 241) in favor of incumbent Bill Marcussen.

Passage of the library addition and expansion warrant article necessitated discussion on the manner and the order in which payments will be processed. Library Trustees Chairman Gordon Hunt and the board members agreed that payments will go through the Town Office with the Capital Reserve Funds first in line for expenditure, followed by donations, with the $333,000 approved in appropriations to be applied last.

Hunt said that the Library Trustees, who will run the overall project, are planning to establish a building committee to oversee it. It was agreed that anything that doesn't fit the exemption portion of the procurement policy already, such as items with an existing contractual obligation, will be subject to the procurement policy. The Trustees also plan to meet with the Planning Board.

Marcussen shared that he learned at a recent energy efficiency workshop he attended that utilities collect a system benefit charge from all customers, which goes into a pool to subsidize energy efficiency work. The town's New Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC) Representative suggested that the architect for the library talk with them before the design is complete to see if some of those funds might be used for energy efficiency aspects of the project.

In other business, the board approved a contract with Charlie Smith for cleaning out 107 Union Wharf Rd. for a maximum of $5,400 following review of four quotes. The tax deeded parcel is scheduled for sale on June 8, 2019 at 10 a.m. per the town's agreement with James R. St. Jean Auctioneers.

The board also agreed to change the start of Town Meeting from 7:30 to 7 p.m. beginning in 2020 by popular demand

The board also reached a settlement with NHEC for their appeal of taxes for 2014-2018. The agreement sets the assessment amount for 2019 and 2020 and credits NHEC for overpayment of taxes for 2014-2018 at about 45 percent of what they requested. The Town will credit them $11,625 with each tax bill over the next three years.

Fran Laase reported that when a tree came down and broke the telephone pole near the laundromat and pump house NHEC disconnected the community well without any notification. Marcussen suggested that he follow up with Chief Thompson as the Fire Department was at the scene when the incident occurred.

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