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Wolfeboro selectmen approve proposed 2018 budget

November 10, 2017
WOLFEBORO — The Board of Selectmen approved a 2018 budget on Wednesday evening, Nov. 1 after weeks of meetings with department heads.

Town Manager Dave Owen announced that the budget comes to $27,425,807, which represents a 3.34 percent increase to the general fund. Owen said the increase is five percent overall including enterprise funding. The budget now advances to the Budget Committee.

It also approved a gift of $10,000 from the Society for the Preservation of Rural Wolfeboro for the repalcement of concrete drain covers along Stoddard Road with cast iron drain covers, and pressure treated 4x4 wood posts to replace metal stakes for the signposts along Wolfeboro's scenic roads.

Claude Roessiger, author of the letter of intent, wrote, "These works shall be done under the direction of Mr. Pike (Asst. Director Dept. of Public Works), acting for the town...We hope by this donation to contribute to the community's appeal, for residents and visitors alike."

The board considered a letter from Mary Schilleriff asking that the town add signs along town lines "informing visitors and locals alike" of the existing town ordinance that prohibits fireworks.

Schilleriff wrote,"This isn't a 4th of July or New Year's issue, it's year round."

Fireworks displays are allowed by permit only, a process that starts with contacting a professional fireworks company that applies for a permit through the town.

Owen asked for a volunteer from the board to participate in a review panel in reading over the architecture and engineering proposals for a space needs analysis of the Public Safety Building. Eight have come in so far. Dave Senecal accepted the task, joining representatives of the police and fire departments and the Planning Director.

He also offered an update on storm recovery as of 4 p.m. that day. He said Wolfeboro Municipal Electric Department head Barry Muccio reported that around 200 to 300 sites remained without power. Those included island properties and Robert's Cove Road residents. Electrical workers were working in 16 hour shifts – 16 hours on, eight off, and working until midnight that evening.

He said the community has been very supportive. The town was able to set up a shelter at the All Saints Episcopal Church, which drew a couple of visitors without power who needed to warm up.

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