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Young triathletes take on Wolfeboro

Gallo-Wagoner, Demain record top Granite Kid Triathlon times

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by Joshua Spaulding
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GRANITE KID competitors pose for a photo after Saturday's triathlon at Brewster Beach. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 17, 2017
WOLFEBORO — A summer tradition returned to the Oldest Summer Resort in America, as the youngest triathletes took to the waters of Brewster Beach for the annual Granite Kid Triathlon on Saturday morning.

The race featured numerous age groups, with the swim length varying by age. The bike course was the same for all racers six and up, covering 1.2 miles and the run was also the same for everyone six and up at 4/5 of a mile. The five and under group ran and biked within the perimeter of the Brewster Beach parking lot.

The top overall time for the over six crowd was recorded by Owen Gallo-Wagoner of Kennebunk, Maine, who finished in 13:37 to win the 14-16 age group for boys.

The top time for girls was recorded by Tessa Demain, who won the 10-11 age group for girls in a time of 14:29.

In the six to seven age group for girls, Liza Demain was tops in 18:58, followed by Kate McCarthy in 22:06, Mary Kathryn Henriod in 23:29, Harper Hunter in 23:30 and Lily Hart in 23:38, with all five from Wolfeboro. Caroline Haley of Milton, Mass. was sixth in 24:50, Addie Colman of Rye was seventh in 24:53, Eire Corbally of Wolfeboro was eighth in 24:54 and Elise Lucia of McLean, Va. was ninth in 27:46.

For the eight and nine age group for girls, Rose Conway of Anchorage, Ak. was first in 15:47, with Julia Conway of Bennington, Vt. in second in 17:04 and Katelyn Kern of Waltham, Mass. in 17:15 for third. Wolfeboro's Morgan Weidner finished fourth in 18:10, Kate Conway of San Diego, Calif. was fifth in 18:23, Quinn Gavin of Waltham, Mass. was sixth in 18:25, Sophie Knoll of Wolfeboro placed seventh in 18:43, Ellie Colman of Rye was eighth in 19:06, Audrey Willscher of Wolfeboro was ninth in 21:08 and Claire Henriod of Wolfeboro was 10th in 21:34. Kat McCormick of Milton finished in 22:07, Jenna Moore of Wolfeboro crossed in 22:56, Anna Mezey of Hampton finished in 27:04.34 and Emrey King of Hampton finished in 27:04.63.

For the 10-11 age group, Tessa Demain's overall top time was the winner, followed by Abigail Fleming in 15:28 and Cailean Corbally in 17:05. Callie Maclellan finished in 17:07 and Hayden Maclellan crossed in 17:12, with the top five all from Wolfeboro. Kate Labrecque of Bow finished in 17:37, followed by Talia Willscher of Wolfeboro in 18:00, Grace Conway of Anchorage, Ak. in 18:20, Constance Huber of Brookfield in 18:51, Phoebe Knoll of Wolfeboro in 18:52, Danielle Demattia of Wolfeboro in 20:01 and Katya Pernokas of Evanston, Ill. in 22:55.

Marcella DeNitto had the top time for the 12-13 age group, finishing in 14:59, with Elizabeth Bencze of Kingston in second in 16:08 and Annie Maclellan in third in 17:21. Abigail Weidner of Wolfeboro placed fourth in 19:01, Sabrina Tipping of Bedford finished in 21:07, Sasha Pernokas of Evanston, Ill. placed sixth in 21:15, Durham's Tess Pueschel finished in 22:56 and Natalie Tucker of Clemson, S.C. placed eighth in 23:13.

For the boys in the six to seven age group, Robert Piccirillo of Southbury, Conn. finished first in 16:08, with Andrew Pechinsky of Wolfeboro in second in 17:48 and Luke Piccirillo of Southbury, Conn. in third in 18:52. James Doherty of Norwell, Mass. finished fourth in 19:37 and Jonathan Bronson of Wolfeboro was fifth in 19:48. Michael Kern of Waltham, Mass. finished in 19:48, James Conway of Bennington, Vt. finished in 20:28, Stevy Rogers of Wolfeboro finished in 20:33, Grant Lawlor of Wolfeboro crossed in 21:49 and Eli King of Hampton rounded out the top 10 in 22:41. Myles Taylor of Gilmanton finished in 24:02, followed by Logan Deangelis of Bedford in 24:21, Beckett Bragdon of Windham, Maine in 24:38, Sam Mezey of Hampton in 24:39 and Joshua Hart in Fremont in 26:43.

The eight and nine age group for boys was the largest group, with 20 kids participating. Edward Conway of Tuftonboro finished in 15:03 to lead the way, followed by Max Willscher in 15:22 and Grady Tucker of Clemson, S.C. in 15:34. Cole Levesque of Portland, Maine was fourth in 17:23, followed by Nate Cloos of Wolfeboro in 17:25, Kempes Corbally Jr. of Wolfeboro in 18:11, Nate Demain of Wolfeboro in 18:31, Aaron King of Wolfeboro in 19:13, John Doherty of Norwell, Mass. in 19:39 and Carson MacDonald of Wolfeboro in 19:42. William Hart of Fremont crossed in 20:11 for 11th, with Nicholas Lucia of Mclean, Vt. in 20:22, Thomas Bronson of Wolfeboro in 20:23, Andrew Hunt of Wolfeboro in 20:39, Charlie Ejzak of Wolfeboro in 21:09, Randall Preston of Tuftonboro in 21:45, Luke Bashelor of Jaffrey in 23:22, Matthew Oles of Barrington in 25:09, Gray Fisher of Oxford, Miss. in 26:36 and Alex Oles of Barrington in 33:15.

Paul Conway Jr. of Tuftonboro won the 10-11 age group in 14:11, with Emerson DeNitto of Wolfeboro second in 15:05 and Matthew Conway of San Diego, Calif. in third in 15:16. William Pechinsky of Wolfeboro followed in 16:29, with Sawyer Levesque of Portland, Maine in 16:50 and Luke Haley of Milton, Mass. in 16:53. Conor Gavin of Waltham, Mass. finished in 17:17, Josh Mezey of Hampton placed eighth in 17:34, Ethan Bencze of Kingston finished in 18:18, Reed Scampoli posted a time of 18:53, Curtis Cloos of Wolfeboro finished in 21:54, William Chretien of Wolfeboro posted a time of 21:55, with Alistair Fleming in 22:27 and Jack Moore in 23:47. Both are from Wolfeboro.

In the 12-13 age group, Charles Huber of Brookfield was tops in 18:50 and Brendan Gomez of Mount Pleasant, S.C. was second in 20:28.

Gallo-Wagoner's top time won the 14-16 age group, with Leopold Dankic of Manchester in 15:29, Zak Jones of Durham in 17:04 and Tommy Jones of Durham in 20:04.

Five and under

The younger ages ran a shorter course.

For three-year-old girls, Bailey Wahila of Ithaca, N.Y. was first in 10:01 while for the boys in the same age group, Calvin Conway was first in 5:04 and Zac Piccirillo of Southbury, Conn. finished in 5:18.

For age four, Meghan Kern of Waltham, Mass. was first for girls in 6:11, with Sloane Willscher of Wolfeboro in 6:24, Katherine Pechinsky of Wolfeboro in 6:41, Annabel Taylor of Gilmanton in 7:37 and Tanner Hill in 8:03.

For the boys in the same age bracket, Samuel Henriod of Wolfeboro finished in 5:13, with Owen McCarthy of Wolfeboro in 5:13, Linus Bashelor of Jaffrey in 6:09, Will Hart of Wolfeboro in 6:15, Daniel Devereaux of Wolfeboro in 7:54, Bryer Cain of Tuftonboro in 8:02 and Jonathan Mezey of Hampton in 8:58.

For the five-year-old girls, Madeleine Lewis of Tuftonboro was first in 4:56, Josie Pernokas of Evanston, Ill. was second in 6:42 and Kennedy Stark of Alton was third in 7:24.

Toey Rogers of Wolfeboro was first for the boys in the same age group in 4:37, with Brinley Tetherly of Wolfeboro in 5:33 and Michael McCormick of Milton, Mass. in 6:00.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 569-3126 or sportsgsn@salmonpress.com.

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