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Tara Fitzpatrick honored at Brewster graduation

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by Joshua Spaulding
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ATHLETICS DIRECTOR Matt Lawlor presented his annual award to Wolfeboro's Tara Fitzpatrick at Brewster graduation last month. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
June 12, 2017
WOLFEBORO — Once again, a Wolfeboro resident was at the forefront of athletics at Brewster Academy at the commencement ceremony last month.

Each year, Athletics Director Matt Lawlor presents the Athletic Directors Award to a male and female student at graduation.

"It's for the people who've had the most positive and consistent contribution to interscholastic athletics," Lawlor stated.

This year, Tara Fitzpatrick of Wolfeboro was the female winner and she certainly exemplifies what Lawlor is looking for in an award winner.

Fitzpatrick played 12 seasons of interscholastic athletics and earned eight varsity letters in softball, soccer and basketball. She was also the captain of the softball and basketball teams in her senior year.

Fitzpatrick noted that a number of the teams she was on didn't have as much success as the athletes and coaches may have liked, but her goal was to continue to stay positive.

"I was on a lot of losing teams but I had a good attitude that people kind of notice," she said.

"She was an upbeat and positive spirit for four years and that trait is immeasurable," Lawlor stated. "Especially in today's day and age."

Fitzpatrick grew up in Wolfeboro and came up through the local sports programs. She played in the Kingswood Cal Ripken League and the Wolfeboro-Tuftonboro basketball league in addition to playing Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation soccer and attended Carpenter School, Crescent Lake School and Kingswood Regional Middle School. She continued playing sports into her junior high days at Kingswood Regional Middle School and then continued that when she entered Brewster in her freshman year.

Fitzpatrick has also endured a series of concussions that have limited her time on the field at times.

"I never missed a hoop game, but missed JV soccer time and half of softball this year," Fitzpatrick noted. All told she's suffered five concussions, three while she was in high school. The most recent one came in the final home game of the basketball season, a game honoring the seniors.

"I was healthy, I didn't have any other injuries," Fitzpatrick said. "But that happened frequently."

Lawlor noted the qualities that he saw in Fitzpatrick that led him to give her the Athletics Director's Award were echoed by the coaches that she played for during her career.

"Every coach has the same thing to say, she has an outrageous amount of spirit, the ability to contribute and lead people," Lawlor said. "And team chemistry has been invaluable on all the teams she's played on."

In addition to winning the Athletics Director's Award, Fitzpatrick was also presented with the Jill Carlson Memorial Award, which Associate Athletics Director Kate Turner says goes to a female athlete with "ineffable spark."

Fitzpatrick graduated with honors from Brewster and will be heading to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. She's going in as an undeclared major and said while she's not playing any NCAA level sports, she expects she'll get into the intramural programs at the school.

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