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Tuftonboro Road Agent told to move boulders on Brown Road

May 18, 2017
TUFTONBORO — During their May 8 meeting, the Board of Selectmen asked Road Agent Jim Bean to move the controversial line of rocks in the right of way on Brown Road parallel to the Steinman family's property, back onto their property. The board measured the distance from the center of the road and placed stakes to indicate where the right of way ends during a recent site visit. The rocks are to be positioned behind the stakes.

The Steinmans originally placed the rocks to block boat trailers parked along the embankment of Lower Beech Pond and onto their property, but the current placement has been determined to be an overreach into the right of way.

They were asked whether they wanted the town to remove the rocks entirely or push them back onto their property; they chose the latter. Chairman Lloyd Wood voted against the request to have Bean move the rocks on behalf of the town.

Selectman Chip Albee noted that the bulkhead embankment needs to stabilized with rip rap. Bean was also instructed to remove a boulder that somehow tumbled out a few feet into the water. Bean offered to replace the bent guardrail with a ten foot long rail along the steep drop off.

The Steinmans have suggested that parking take place across the street in the interest of mitigating erosion and protecting water quality. Further discussion was tabled for the time being. The first order of business is to move the rocks.

Bean reported that his road crew has been cleaning up along roadsides, filling in potholes and opening up culvert ends. Most road sweeping has been completed and road grading is next. The paving schedule includes a total reclaim of Durgin Road and application of a top coat on Union Wharf Road.

Albee, the board's representative to the budget committee, noted that 57 percent of the road budget has been spent with just 38 percent of the year gone by. Bean responded that the bills get smaller as the year progresses. Of course, winter storm Stella did its share in increasing costs.

Looking at the overall picture, 32 of the town's 42 roads are paved. Two miles a year receive a heavy top coat after grinding the base said Bean. He said doing it correctly provides greater longevity.

The Lang Pond Road project punchlist continues to be addressed. Albee moved to release $6,694 to LA Drew, the company contracted for the project, which the board readily approved. New signs are needed to replace the signs at the perched beach on Mirror Lake that read that motor boats are allowed.

Bean agreed with Wood that it would be beneficial to eventually pave the section of road between the paved section by the culverts and the place where Wolfeboro has paved, and agreed to get an estimate.

The road agent was asked to have his crew take care of the wooden barricade at 19 Mile Bay Beach rather than have the job go out to bid. Bean agreed to replace signs as necessary, trim bushes at the edge of the lake and take responsibility for cleanup of the beach.

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