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Tuftonboro selectmen approve purchase of thermal imaging camera

August 14, 2014
TUFTONBORO — Tuftonboro Fire Fighter Lt. Ken Greenwood has recovered from the heat and exertion of the Aug. 7 fire he fought with firefighters from Wolfeboro and four other surrounding towns along Diamond Cove Way in Wolfeboro.

Adam Thompson told the Board of Selectmen at its August 11 meeting that Greenwood was taken to Huggins Hospital by Stewarts Ambulance and later released.

He then asked the board if it would approve the purchase of an MSA 5600 thermal imaging camera and vehicle charger by the Tuftonboro Firefighter Association for the department.

The acquisition is one of the Association's 2014 projects. Thompson said it would replace a 30 year old unit that failed during a structure fire this year and would allow the department to take advantage of manufacture's special pricing of $6,000.

The board approved the purchase, which will standardize all of the department's thermal imaging technology.

Selectmen mentioned a pending road name change following Camp Belknap's move of Bixby Road, raising the question of how that might affect 911 service. Thompson said the association cut down a couple of trees to accommodate fire trucks. Code Officer Jack Parsons said the town can just notify 911 of the name change, when that is enacted. The numbering will change on just three residences, said Parsons.

The board appointed retired architect Dick Cary and Bob Theve to the committee charged with gathering information on the police department's building needs and assessing whether the current library building would suit its needs, should a new library building proposal make that building available. They join Police Chief Andy Shagoury and Selectman Chairman Lloyd Wood.

It also appointed Laureen Hadley to the Capital Improvement Program Committee.

After brief discussion with office administrative staff Diane Falcey and Lynne Brunelle and Tax Collector Jackie Rollins, the board decided to mitigate the Department of Labor's concern about the lack of separation between Rollins and the public and the lack of a second egress in her present office, by having Brunelle switch places with Rollins.

Rollins suggested that they be given a few weeks to plan the change together.

This week the administrative staff is in the throes of printing, folding and addressing letters to homeowners affected by the upcoming revaluation process. Selectman Carolyn Sundquist said the earlier the letters can be sent out the better and suggested posting the announcment in a banner on the homepage of the town's website.

Residents who have questions in response to receiving a letter are encouraged to call Falcey and Brunelle at 569-4539, ext. 10 and 13 respectively.

Sundquist shared positive feedback on the transfer station, its cleanliness and the helpfulness of its employees she over heard at a gathering this past weekend.

She reported that the annual calls about whether residents are permitted to pick blueberries on Melvin Island have come in, raising the question, once again of claims to ownership. Camp Belknap, which, she said, has the greater claim to the land, will look into resolving the matter.

Upcoming events

The Tuftonboro Free Library is celebrating its 175th birthday on Saturday, Aug. 16, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., rain or shine. There will be live jazz, a hot dog cart, a balloon twister, ice cream, cupcakes and party favors. The public is invited to celebrate.

The Library Building Advisory Committee meetings, open to the public, are held in Central Fire Station. The next meeting is Monday, Aug. 18, at 6 p.m.

The next meeting of the Tuftonboro Board of Selectmen will be on Monday, Aug. 25, at 4 p.m. at the town offices. There will be no meeting next Monday, Aug. 24.

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