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A combined effort

Chunky Dunk, Moona Loona join forces for second year in a row

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

JEREMY FLETCHER was the top finisher in Saturday's Chunky Dunk Duathlon. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 28, 2014
WOLFEBORO — For the second year in a row, the Chunky Dunk Duathlon and the Moona Loona Paddleboard Classic joined forces for a full morning of activity at Albee Beach on Saturday, July 26.

The race, run as a benefit for The Nick, featured numerous options. The standard duathlon included a half-mile swim in Lake Wentworth, followed by a 5K run on the Bridge Falls Path from Albee Beach to Center Street and back. The paddleboard race included an option for a recreational division that was more than two miles or an elite division that was more than five miles. The course left Albee Beach and circled the islands before returning. The elite class did that twice.

In the duathlon, the overall winner was Jeremy Fletcher, who checked in with a time of 32:17. Second place went to Warren MacPhail in a time of 33:48 and third went to Don Sweeney, who finished in a time of 33:52. Cameron Stinchfield of Wakefield finished fourth overall and first in his age group in 34:14 and Kurt Richardson of Wolfeboro rounded out the top five, winning his division in a time of 35:15.

For the women, the overall top finisher was Leslie Why, who crossed in a time of 37:15, which placed her eighth overall. Rachael Babcock was the second woman in a time of 38:06, with Debbie Lennox in 38:08 (tops in her age group), Darcey Bartel in 38:55 and Christine Hyde in 38:57 rounding out the top five women.

Joe Parent ran to sixth overall and first in his age group in a time of 35:26, with Steve Bosak in seventh in 35:51 and Joseph Parent Jr. in ninth in 37:29. Michael Smith was 10th overall in 37:46, followed by Kevin Ray in 11th in 37:49.

Elizabeth Corbally finished 16th overall in a time of 39:11, with Chris Sparks in 17th in 39:27 (first in his age group), Steve Kirwan in 18th in 39:29 and Megan Sparks in 19th in 39:53, first in her age group. John Maunders rounded out the top 20 with a time of 40:06.

Andrew Grupp finished 21st in 40:15, Jennifer McCarthy was 22nd in 41:58, Kristina Howlett was 23rd in 42:01, Ross O'Neill was 24th in 42:13, Susan Rancourt was 25th in 42:44, Scott Page was 26th in 43:18 and Kat Donatello was 27th in 44:03.

Dan Coons won his age group in a time of 44:14, placing him 28th overall, with Christopher Bahr in 29th in 44:17 and Bethany Mayo in 30th in 44:44. Rebecca Hecox finished tops in her age group and 31st overall in 44:50, with Heidi Fleming crossing in 45:22 for 32nd place.

Alicia Lawrence won her age group in a time of 45:29, putting her 33rd overall, followed by Brian Quigley in 34th in 46:03, Aimee Barrett in 35th in 46:21 and Sean Barrett in 36th in 46:28. Catherine O'Leary placed 37th in 46:29, Patrick Hart was 38th in 46:32, Bennett Kleinberg was 39th in 46:50 and Ashley Brown was 40th in 46:56. Kristen Grifin finished 41st in 46:59, followed by Richard Powers in 42nd in 47:10 and Kelley Andersen in 43rd in 47:13.

Hannah Demain won her age group in 47:33 for 44th overall, with Brian King in 45th in 47:37, Jim Limperis in 46th in 47:44, Kristine Decourcey in 47th in 48:19, Doug Skelley in 48th in 48:58, Johanne Skelley in 49th in 49:33 and Jessica Jones in 50th in 49:57.

Kirsten Favorite-Smith was 51st in 50:19, Debra Stellato was 52nd in 51:48, Anton Dergiorno was 53rd in 52:08, Jesse Littlewood was 54th in 52:53, Jahanna Littlewood was 55th in 53:12, Virginia Skelley was 56th in 54:55, Tom Pomeroy was 57th in 55:34, Jeffrey Harrington was 58th in 55:58, Betsy Kretchmer was 59th in 57:55 and Katherine Greene was 60th in 58:50.

Marykate McDonald placed 61st in 59:30, with Caryn Festa in 62nd in 1:01:12, Emily Skelley in 63rd in 1:03:22, Leah Hedderick in 64th in 1:03:46, Jessica Elliot in 65th in 1:07:21, Jeannie Daniels in 66th in 1:07:26, Beth Dales in 67th in 1:07:43, Erica Cray in 68th in 1:07:44, Valerie Fricia in 69th in 1:08:47, Gabby Gonzales in 70th in 1:09:22 and Sara Peek in 71st in 1:12:12.

Athletes could also do the duathlon as a team and the top time of the day came from the team of Anya and Gunner Found in a time of 35:07. Meredith and Michael Townsley were second in 36:12 and Nicolas and Kim Rago were third in 37:34. Kerry Hunt and Deb Bunting placed fourth in 39:00, with Gayle and Cathryn Smart in fifth in 45:12. Lachlan and Axel Plache finished in 46:47, followed by Melissa Keating and Jillian Cote in 46:53 and Holly Williams and Beth Denby in 51:44. Ryan and Sarah McCarthy were ninth in 51:48, Wendy and Ginger Plache were 10th in 53:18, Team Fennel was 11th in 59:25 and Julianna Lopez and Jennifer Smith were 12th in 1:10:17.

For the recreation paddleboard race, Jake Nichols took top honors in 34:56, followed by Jon Patton in 36:04 and Jerry Holmberg in 36:28. Richard Neal Jr. was fourth in 36:56 and Stephen Bower rounded out the top five men in 37:11.

Jocelyn Billin was the first female in 37:33, followed by Diana DeNitto in eighth overall in 37:59 and Caitlin Tappan in ninth overall in 38:28. Stephanie Patton, who completed the course with her daughter Alex on the paddleboard as well, was the fourth woman in 39:41 and Denis O'Grady was 12th overall and fifth for women in 39:58.

Paul Desrochers was seventh in 37:53, Jess Hatch was 10th in 39:05, Emma Scala was 13th in 40:07, Mike Martin came home 14th in 41:11 and AK Walker was 15th in 41:49. Quinn Nichols placed 16th in 42:40, with Gino Rancourt in 17th in 44:34 and Nicole Cheslock in 18th in 44:47. Hannah Farnsworth placed 19th in 45:04, with Jonathon Lauer in 20th in 46:24 and Emily Lauer in 21st in 46:53. Hannah Croteau finished 22nd in 47:14, Sadie Farnsworth was 23rd in 48:12 and Denise D'Eri was 24th in 49:48.

For the five-mile elite race, Mark DeNitto took top honors in 57:56, with Reg Clarke in second in 59:18 and Jesse Billin in third in 1:01:41. Keith Nichols took fourth in 1:02:34 and Colin Clarke rounded out the top five in 1:04:11.

The only female to do the elite race was Heidi Diehl, finishing in 1:05:42, which placed her eighth overall.

Joseph Beauchemin was sixth in 1:04:50, John Finn Jr. was seventh in 1:04:51, Jonathan Bischot was ninth in 1:08:31, Bill Zinser was 10th in 1:08:39, Mitch Tappan clocked in 11th overall, Jeff Donatello was 12th in 1:12:32, Andrew Bertha was 13th in 1:13:29, Jonathan Forbes was 14th in 1:14:11 and Adam Smith was 15th in 1:17:26.

The day was capped off with the kids' paddleboard race, which was won by Reese Clarke, followed by Brady Clarke, Sam Thurston and Tommy Howlett.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 569-3126 or sportsgsn@salmonpress.com

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