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Peyton Ralph, Anya Found lead Granite Kid field

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

THE MUSCLE pose is always a hit with Granite Kid competitors, but the young girls in the front of this picture don't seem particularly impressed. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 21, 2014
WOLFEBORO — This year's running of the Granite Kid Triathlon was a bit different than previous years.

Though the athletes still started and ended their adventure at Brewster Beach in Wolfeboro, there was a slight change to the bike course to make things a bit safer for everyone involved.

In past years, bikers in the six and over age groups would leave Brewster Beach onto Clark Road, turn onto Clipper Drive, then on to Eagle Trace, turn around and come back out Eagle Trace and Clipper Drive to Clark Road and climb the hill to Clark Park before turning around and returning to Brewster Beach. This year, the athletes still turned onto Clipper Drive and then on to Eagle Trace, but on the way back out Eagle Trace, turned into Fairway Drive and rode out and back that road, returning to Eagle Trace and Clipper Drive before finishing at Brewster Beach. The run stayed the same, going out Clark Road to McKinney Park and back.

With cars always parked on the side of Clark Road and well-meaning spectators trying to stop traffic (Clark Road has to remain open during the event), Parks and Recreation Director Ethan Hipple noted that the change was for safety more than anything.

"I think it made a huge difference," Hipple stated. "It got everybody off of the busy road and onto the quiet streets."

Additionally, Hipple noted that there were three Wolfeboro Police personnel on scene, an increase from previous years, which also helped to control the scene better.

Because of the change, the course was a bit shorter on the bike portion, clocking in at 1.2 miles.

Additionally, in order to help even more with the traffic concerns, the race started an hour earlier.

The five and under group started things off, doing a shorter version of the triathlon within the confines of the beach and parking area.

For the three-year-olds, Eire Corbally of Wolfeboro was first for the girls in 6:33, followed by Izabella Dayno of Wolfeboro in 7:21 and Alexandra Patton of Wakefield in 8:21. Abigail Locke of Tuftonboro was fourth in 8:34, Isabel McKane of Nottingham was fifth in 12:01 and Wolfeboro's Mary Kate Henriod was sixth in 12:09. For the boys, Logan DeAngelis of Bedford was first in 6:28, followed by Peter Rowley of Milton, Mass. in 6:41 and James Conway IV of Bennington, Vt. in 8:39.

For four-year-olds, Mia Macaione led the girls in 5:18, with Liza Demain of Wolfeboro in second on 5:46, Caroline Haley of Tuftonboro in third in 6:24, Aldea Locke of Tuftonboro in fourth in 6:28 and Sabrina Haskell of Oradell, N.J. in fifth in 8:42. For the boys, Joshua Hart of Fremont was the winner in 7:52.

For the five-year-olds, Sophie Knoll of Wolfeboro led the way for the girls in 4:18.64, with Morgan Weidner of Wolfeboro in second in 4:26 and Kate Conway of San Diego, Calif. in third in 4:52. Madelyn Giunco of Milton was fourth in 5:48, followed by Audrey Willscher of Wolfeboro in 5:57, Claire Henriod of Wolfeboro in 6:48, Julia Conway of Bennington, Vt. in 6:50, Avery Khetani of Concord, Mass. in 6:56 and Hannah Quinn of Gaithersburg, Md. in 6:59. For the boys, Grayson Eisenhower of Wolfeboro was tops in 4:15, followed by Buzz Dolan of New Milford, Conn. in 4:43 and Aaron Bartlett of Wolfeboro in 5:21. Aaron King of Wolfeboro was fourth in 6:20, Teddy Conway of Tuftonboro was fifth 6:52 and Benjamin Wright of Wolfeboro was sixth in 6:57.

In the age divisions from six to 16, the athletes did variable length swims and completed the same bike and run course.

In the six and under group, Miley Bletzer of Hampton was first in a time of 16:21, followed by Tessa Napolitano of Burlington, Vt. in 17:33. Hannah Salmore of Ridgefield, Conn. was third in 18:53. Emily Rowley of Milton, Mass. was fourth in 19:21 and Rose Conway of Anchorage, Ak. was fifth in 24:48. For the boys, Paul Conway, Jr. of Tuftonboro was first in 16:14, followed by James McKane of Nottingham was second in 16:56 and Sam Salmore of Ridgefield, Conn. was third in 17:56. Timothy Macaione was fourth in 18:49, Max Willscher of Wolfeboro was fourth in 19:13, Jacob Kaczanowski of Bedford was sixth in 19:52, Nicholas Lucia of Wolfeboro was seventh in 21:24, Colton Weidner of Wolfeboro was eighth in 21:40, Enzo Napolitano of Burlington, Vt. was ninth in 21:44.42, Brandon Hennessey of Wolfeboro was 10th in 21:44.76, William Hart of Fremont was 11th in 21:48. Drew Hunt of Tuftonboro was 12th in 22:28, Caleb Meranus of Wolfeboro was 13th in 24:14, Wills Quinn of Gaithersburg, Md. was 14th in 24:25, Nate Demain of Wolfeboro was 15th in 24:42, Michael Holmes of Tuftonboro was 16th in 24:50, Noah Mansfield of Wolfeboro was 17th in 25:09, Kempes Raiden Corbally of Wolfeboro was 18th in 26:11 and Alistair Fleming of Wolfeboro was 19th in 27:15.

The eight-nine age group was the biggest category of athletes. For the girls, Celia Meranus of Wolfeboro was first in 15:06, Tessa Demain of Wolfeboro was second in 15:31 and Marcella DeNitto of Wolfeboro was third in 17:05. Abbey Fleming of Wolfeboro was fourth in 17:22, Abigail Weidner of Wolfeboro was fifth in 18:42, Phoebe Knoll of Wolfeboro was sixth in 20:04, Noelle Haskell of Oradell, N.J. was seventh in 20:28 and Riley Peternel of Wolfeboro was eighth in 21:08. Wolfeboro's Jillian Caravella (ninth, 21:33), Julia Rowley of Dover (10th, 21:36), Talia Willscher of Wolfeboro (11th, 22:01), Grace Conway of Anchorage, Ak. (12th, 24:01), Avery Eisenhower of Wolfeboro (13th, 24:11), Cailean Corbally (14th, 24:43), Madison Palmer of Tuftonboro (15th, 27:14) and Ciara McCrory of Concord, Mass. (16th, 24:47) rounded out the age group.

For the boys, Jake Salmore of Ridgefield, Conn. was the top finisher in 15:36, followed by Emerson DeNitto of Wolfeboro in 16:37 and Stephen Ralph of Boxford, Mass. in 16:44. Matt Conway of San Diego, Calif. was fourth in 17:16 and Jacob Rothman of Alton was fifth in 17:38. Connor Hennessey of Wolfeboro (sixth, 17:44), Luke McCrory of Concord, Mass. (seventh, 18:08), Charlie Prenaveau of Sharon, Mass. (eighth, 18:46), Luke Haley of Tuftonboro (ninth, 19:14), Luke Bartley of Reading, Mass. (10th, 19:54), TJ Peternel of Wolfeboro (11th, 20:11), Michael Macaione (12th, 21:02), Otis Starble-Murphy of Burlington, Vt. (13th, 21:04), William Pechinsky of Wolfeboro (14th, 21:07), Nicholas Tanner of Hinesburg, Vt. (15th, 21:12), Jake Wakstein of Tuftonboro (16th, 21:14), Paul Giunco of Milton (17th, 21:15), Michael Palmer of Tuftonboro (18th, 21:29), Kimball Khetani of Concord, Mass. (19th, 21:31), Chase Dobson of Bennington, Vt. (20th, 21:37), Curtis Cloos of Wolfeboro (21st, 22:05), Chris Thibault of Wolfeboro (22nd, 22:54), Brayden Dillon of Moultonborough (23rd, 23:53) and Nathan Holmes of Tuftonboro (24th, 27:06) rounded out the age group.

In the 10-11 age group, Sarah Peternel of Wolfeboro was first in 15:27, followed by Anna Rowley of Milton, Mass. in 18:42 and Sophia Rowley of Milton, Mass. in third in 18:47. Caroline Lucia of Wolfeboro was fourth in 19:27, Tasha Hipple of Tuftonboro was fifth in 20:14, Gracie Ingmire of West Newfield, Maine was sixth in 20:55, Lauren Prenaveau of Sharon, Mass. was seventh in 21:24, Cassandra Holmes of Tuftonboro was eighth in 23:41 and Mayley Rowley of Wolfeboro was ninth in 24:38.

For the boys, Peyton Ralph of Boxford, Mass. was the age group winner in a time of 14:47, which was the fastest time of the day. Owen Gallo-Wagoner of Kennebunk, Maine was second in 16:18 and Eli Jensen of Wolfeboro was third in 18:04. Jack Haley of Tuftonboro placed fourth in 18:31 and fifth place went to Ryan Haskell of Oradell, N.J. in 18:46. Charlie Dobson of Bennington, Vt. (sixth, 18:53), Owen Swenson of Brookfield (seventh, 18:59), Elias Hastings of Tuftonboro (eighth, 19:06), Jack Bartley of Reading, Mass. (ninth, 19:35), Benjamin Dillon of Moultonborough (10th, 20:24), Aidan Kelly of Wolfeboro (11th, 21:14), Carter Rowley of Dover (12th, 23:05) and Alexander Khetani (13th, 23:30) rounded out the field.

For the 12-13 age group, Wolfeboro's Anya Found led the girls, finishing with the fastest time among all girls and the second-fastest overall in a time of 14:49. Wolfeboro's Mary Peternel was second overall among girls and in the age group in 15:05, followed by Margaret Haley of Tuftonboro in third in 17:57. Ella Meranus of Wolfeboro was fourth in 19:55, Julia Pepin of Wolfeboro was fifth in 22:23 and Victoria Dantzler of Stoughton, Mass. was sixth in 31:24.

For boys, Devin Ralph of Boxford, Mass. came home first in the age group in 15:01, the second-fastest time for boys on the day. Aidan Ohern of Concord was second in 17:32, Quinn Demain of Wolfeboro was third in 18:13 and Brian Dillon of Moultonborough was fourth in 20:47.

In the 14-16 age group, Noah Schrank of Londonderry was first in 17:52, followed by Ossipee's Bryce Northrop in 18:02 and Garrett Marquis of Weston, Mass. in 21:21.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 569-3126 or sportsgsn@salmonpress.com

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