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Committee develops action plan for Mirror Lake

July 17, 2014
TUFTONBORO — The Mirror Lake Watershed Committee developed an action plan on June 25 for Lang Pond Road. Committee Chair Dave Ford came to the July 7 meeting of the Board of Selectmen to share the group's ideas for maintenance this year.

The purpose of the committee is to maintain and improve the quality of Mirror Lake's water. One area of need is to reduce erosion near and beyond the boat access along Lang Pond Road because sand and soil particles carry phosphorus into the water when it rains. Phosphorus facilitates the growth of algae, reducing water clarity and encouraging noxious bacteria.

Of particular concern, according to Ford, is the run off of brown water down about 300 feet of the hill on the Tuftonboro side into the lake. Drainage along slopes on the Wolfeboro side, originating from Route 109 by the Libby Museum, has been improved, and last year paving was extended down the slope following protests from residents annoyed by dust kicked up by traffic.

The committee, said Ford, would like to define the scope of work for engineering, surveying and permitting, taking public input from the stake holders meeting last fall into consideration.

The next step would be to assess the cost of recommended improvements (a low impact road upgrade project not anticipated to exceed $10,000) and employ a phased approach.

The H.E.Bergeron plan previously under development was deemed costly and unnecessary.

Looking at what might be accomplished this year, the committee developed a list that includes cleaning out the turnouts and culverts, increasing the culvert size and building new headwalls, creating plunge pools, constructing proper ditching and grading the road as necessary, and knocking down wind rows.

Road Agent Jim Bean and Ford plan to take a look at the culverts together in the near future.

If the money is not in this year's highway budget, the committee would prepare a budget for 2015.

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