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Steve Wood appointed to Wolfeboro Police Commission

STEVE WOOD, Wolfeboro's new police commissioner, posed for a photo with his family after taking the oath of office on June 26. His wife Donna is at his side. Daughters Kayla Hewitt, holding baby Julia, and Danielle Rogers were on hand for the occasion. (Elissa Paquette photo) (click for larger version)
July 03, 2014
WOLFEBORO — Steve Wood is the newest member of the Wolfeboro Police Commission. His appointment by Commissioners Joe Balboni and Ron Goodgame followed on the heels of the resignation of Commissioner Bob Copeland on May 19, a repercussion of remarks made in public about the President of the United States.

Wood will serve until town elections next March.

The Wolfeboro native, chosen from a field of eight candidates for the position, comes to the office with earlier experience as a member of the police commission for two consecutive terms, beginning in 1991.

Wood, a call firefighter for nearly 20 years, was the Captain of the former Rescue 1. He also was a full time employee of the Municipal Electric Department as a lineman from 1989 to 1999. From then until the present, he has been a full time employee of the N.H. Electric Cooperative as an Operations Coordinator.

Town Clerk Pat Waterman swore him in last Thursday, June 26, at the Town Hall, with his fellow commissioners at his side, a complement of police officers on hand, and in the presence of his family.

"Knowing how the commission functions, the expectations, requirements, responsibilities, and knowledge of policies and procedures enables me to get right to work," said Wood. " I am hopeful that we as a commission and the town as a whole can move forward in a positive and productive manner."

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