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Tuftonboro selectmen agree on library building committee size and goals

Seven potential committee members identified

May 15, 2014
TUFTONBORO — Formation of a building committee to develop a plan to meet the town library's space needs and receive the required two-thirds approval of voters at Town Meeting is now underway.

There is not much time between now and the end of August, when plans must be ready for scrutiny by the Capital Improvements Program committee, just one step in the process of getting on the town warrant. The Budget Committee, which did not support the plan offered this year, must also be convinced that the proposal solves the infrastructure problem in the most cost-effective manner.

The selectmen reviewed the names they have so far: Jim Allen, Dave Ford, Helen Hartshorne, Steven Brinser, John LaPolla, Skip Hurt and Christin Kaiser, all of whom, with the exception of Kaiser, who teaches at Tuftonboro Central School, have been involved with town boards or projects.

Library trustees in attendance at the May 12 Board of Selectmen's were agreeable to the roster, some of whom they originally forwarded to the board for consideration. Nine was the agreed upon number of members. Chairman Lloyd Wood intends to get back on the phone with invitations to fill the two remaining slots.

Gordon Hunt, Chairman of the Trustees, asked for and received clarification that the committee would serve in an advisory capacity only, for the library trustees are elected with responsibility for library matters.

He also said that it is clear that the public wants to address not only a building proposal but also how the old building will be used in the event of passage of the warrant article. The trustees previously focused on one issue alone, but use of the building to be vacated was the subject of debate leading up to the Town Meeting vote.

Wood outlined steps toward producing a plan for the town warrant. Following finalization of the committee membership, a work session would be in order to develop a mission statement. Discussion would commence on a choice of the site, the financing and use of the old building.

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