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Wolfeboro outlines plan for Town Hall renovation

April 17, 2014
WOLFEBORO — As Wolfeboro's Town Hall awaits its transformation, Town Manager Dave Owen and Director of Development and Planning Rob Houseman have drafted a list of the next steps in renovation of the building for town offices, meetings and community activities.

Owen shared preliminary steps with the Board of Selectmen at the April 9 meeting.

The architectural proposal was to be received by April 14. Construction management company Conneston Construction, Inc. has sent draft construction contracts for a Clerk of the Works, and Request For Proposals (RFP) for a service that will move the present office furnishings over to the temporary location at Huggins Hospital. Town Counsel will look them over before going further.

July 14 is the tentative date on the construction timeline for the start of the building process. The renovation is expected to be complete in August 2015.

Plans for the orderly transition from the building will take place over the next four weeks. There was a meeting with the telephone and computer providers to get those services in place so that employees can fulfill their duties when they move to their transitional office space.

Owen said there will be a one week pause in service (date not yet determined), except for the tax collectors office, which will remain open. During that time, employees will go through their desks and file cabinets to throw out what is no longer necessary and shred data. Dumpsters will be situated in the parking lot to collect the detritus.

He added that Houseman will keep the town web site updated to keep the public informed.

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