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Major conservation easement completed in Tuftonboro

March 06, 2014
TUFTONBORO — Michael Phelps, Chairman of the Tuftonboro Conservation Commission, proudly presented the Board of Selectmen with the final document for the Great Meadows Conservation Easement, coordinated with Don Berry of the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, on Monday morning, March 3.

The signing was a long time coming as two of six deeds, never recorded, had to be researched and recorded along with the merging of several lots and a boundary adjustment to keep the town shed area separate. The next step for the Commission will be to approach abutters in an effort to develop easements to protect the land, a pristine future water source, and allow for recreational use.

Selectman Chair Carolyn Sundquist thanked the Commission for its work, saying, "It's so important that this was done. We appreciate all the work that's gone into it."

Selectman Lloyd Wood, who represents the board on the Commission, noted that Parks and Recreation Chairman Gina Lessard attended a meeting to discuss the creation of a brochure of trails on town-owned property. The Commission recommended review of which trails allow for motorized/non-motorized vehicles and review of the N.H. Granite Map website.

Sundquist told Phelps that she noticed that the Commission, upon reviewing the 2013 list of town owned properties for sale, advised keeping the Dearborn property, located across the street from Tuftonboro Central School.

Phelps said the property is in a good location, and with the library expansion uncertain, and the space needs of the police department uncertain, the committee thinks it is a good idea to hold on to it.

Wood called to the board's attention that HB 292, which adds $2 to boat registration fees in New Hampshire to help manage infestations of aquatic invasive species (currently $7.50 of the fee is dedicated to preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species), has passed in the House and is currently in the Senate. A public hearing is scheduled for March 6 at 10 a.m.

Senator Jeb Bradley and Wolfeboro Representatives Chris Ahlgren and Steve Schmidt are among the sponsors.

Other business

Town Moderator Dan Barnard came to the meeting to discuss a typographical error in the Town Warrant. Language in the library article gives the year as 2105 rather than 2015. Those in attendance will be asked to amend it to correct the date.

Annette Cram received approval for the annual town-wide yard sale in the town offices parking lot on April 26.

Police Chief Andrew Shagoury sent information on the company Wolfeboro used for its Wage and Classification study. Wood said he would like to see samples of its work product as well as a sample from MRI, the company that has sent in a quote.

Code Officer Jack Parsons reported issuing seven new building permits, one new house permit and making 52 inspections. He added that the company that delivered the pellets for the Town House boiler had a problem with its hose. As a result, some pellets are scattered on the site near the windows. He wanted to let people know what they are seeing when they see the brown pellets, which will swell beyond their size.

The board will meet on March 11, Election Day, at 9 a.m. at the Town House. Town Meeting is scheduled for March 12, at the Tuftonboro Central School, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

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