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Offenses were up but arrests down in Wolfeboro last month

January 23, 2014
WOLFEBORO — Wolfeboro Police Chief Stuart Chase presented his department's statistics for December and year to the Wolfeboro Police Commission at their meeting on Jan. 16.

Results and comparisons are as follows:

Offenses totaled 60, a 20 percent increase over November and a 35 percent increase over the 45 reported offenses in December 2012.

Arrests, at 16, declined 20 percent from November's 20, representing a 15 percent reduction from Dec. 2012. The yearend total was 321.

Collisions amounted to 13 in December, down from17 in November, and totaled 165 by year's end.

The top five accident locations in 2013, in order of volume from high to low, were: Center Street, 46; South Main Street, 43; North Main Street, 11; Middleton Road, nine; and Beach Pond Road, six. The number of traffic stops at those respective locations were, proportionately, 716, 758, 313, 22, and 100.

A total of 100 citations were written in December, following a de-escalating trend after the June and July peaks of 379 and 377. At year end traffic stops reached 2,886. Over $30,000 in fines were meted out.

The month's court activity included 17 defendants dealing with 20 offenses overall, 10 arraignments, three pleas, and five pretrial conferences. The court ordered $4,842 in fines.

All fines go to the state, not the town.

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