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Tuftonboro Review in Review, Part II

January 17, 2013
TUFTONBORO — The business of town government in Tuftonboro in 2012 was conducted by Board of Selectmen members Chairman Dan Duffy, Carolyn Sundquist and Lloyd Wood, who was elected following Bill Stockman's retirement after 10 years of service.

The year was also marked by the gain of two hometown representatives to the State Legislature, both Republicans, this past fall: Ted Wright, presently serving as chairman of the town's Budget Committee, will represent Tuftonboro in addition to Sandwich, Moultonborough, Ossipee, Brookfield, Wakefield and Effingham (seven towns in all) in Carroll County District 8.

Glenn Cordelli, a relative newcomer, who moved to Tuftonboro from Ridgefield, Conn., six years ago, was voted in to serve in one of the two seats in District 4, which also includes Moultonborough and Sandwich.

Both districts were established this year as a result of the state's legislative redistricting plan. Previously, Tuftonboro and Wolfeboro shared three representatives.

By far, the major accomplishment of the year was receiving the go ahead from voters to build a new $2.1 million fire station along Route 109A, following many years of rejected proposals. The project was kicked off in August and is on schedule for completion in May 2013.

The board also engaged in a cooperative project with Wolfeboro to upgrade and improve drainage along a section of Lang Pond Road ((320 feet in Wolfeboro, 154 feet in Tuftonboro) that begins at Route 109 by the Libby Museum and runs downhill, eventually passing alongside Mirror Lake before connecting to Route 109A in Tuftonboro.

The Mirror Lake Protective Association's (MLPA) Watershed Management Study has suggested an additional project, involving a 1,475-foot section of the road, some of which runs along the water's edge, to slow the migration of soil particles containing phosphorus into the water.

Phosphorus accelerates the growth of plant life, which in turn reduces water clarity and leads to deterioration of water quality.

The board authorized an increase in the current contract with HE Bergeron by $5,000 so Engineer Josh McAllister may furnish more information on the proposed $500,000 project. MLPA President Dusty Davies is preparing a grant to assist with the cost of such a project when it eventually goes forward.

Long-standing issues with ZaDeDa Farms, Inc., a subdivision project whose developer left unfinished roads and defaulted on 13 lots, ended in 2012 with receipt of a check for $133,856 from Sovereign Bank to the town to regain those lots, including penalties and fees. The board deposited the money into the undesignated fund balance.

Members of the Tuftonboro Farms Lot Owners Association shouldered the cost of completing the unfinished road to avoid more cost in the future if the road was left without a base coat. The town boarded up an unfinished house on one of the lots that ended up in the town's hands that presented a health hazard in the neighborhood.

Selectmen signed a 10-year Time-Warner Cable Company contract on Dec. 10 that seemed to give no one much pleasure. The board engaged the services of Attorney Kate Miller of Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella to assist in developing the contract before them and set up a Cable Contract Committee that solicited feedback from residents, but the company's elimination of Boston channels in favor of the Portland market continues to be a major bone of contention.

The contract allows Time Warner to continue its service to Tuftonboro but is not exclusive.

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