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Brookfield Selectmen learn about TRAC trail expansion

October 18, 2012
BROOKFIELD — At its Oct. 9 meeting the Brookfield Board of Selectmen heard from Brookfield/Wakefield TRAC representative Ernie Brown.

In his presentation Brown explained that the Trails, Rails Action Committee is promoting the future development of a recreational trail connecting Wolfeboro's Bridge Falls Path and Cotton Valley.

The ultimate goal is to extend the trail through "Moose Meadow" and Brookfield all the way to Turntable Park in Sanbornville, he explained.

Brown said the group hopes to start the trail at Turntable Park to Route 16 and then from the Miss Wakefield Diner across the road to Clark Road in Brookfield.

While the Department of Transportation owns the rails, the Bureau of Trails controls the trails and is supportive of the project. The committee is working on a grant application through the Bureau of Trails, which if obtained, would provide about $21,000 and require the committee raise an additional $6,000. Brown mentioned that the Wolfeboro TRAC Committee had offered to provide matching funds up to $6,000 for the portion raised by the Brookfield/Wakefield TRAC committee, however that amount hasn't been raised yet and another financial agreement may be arranged.

The Cotton Valley Trail portion, which begins in Wolfeboro after crossing Route 28 from the Bridge Falls Path goes out about six miles towards Wakefield and is heavily used. Likewise, Brown said, the development of this path would be an opportunity to improve the quality of life for Brookfield and Wakefield residents and would be "a tremendous asset to the community."

The path could provide a safe alternative to walking on Route 109 for runners, hikers, children and dogs, as well as benefit the snowmobile clubs.

Resident Dick Peckham, who served on the Wolfeboro TRAC committee, was skeptical of the low cost, saying that he believed the committee would be up against much higher expenses and urged it to double check its figures.

The Committee is reaching out to residents, groups, and committees to spread the word of their cause to gain support.

The Brookfield Board of Selectmen will meet again on Tuesday evening, Oct. 23 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the town offices building.

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