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Tuftonboro chief gives progress report on new fire station

BLUE RIDGE LANDSCAPING hydroseeded the hillside at the construction site of the new Tuftonboro fire station. Green grass is growing now to prevent erosion. The company donated its services to the town. (Adam Thompson courtesy photo) (click for larger version)
September 27, 2012
TUFTONBORO — Fire Chief Adam Thompson, reporting on the progress of the new fire station to the Tuftonboro Board of Selectmen on Monday evening, Sept. 24, said that Blue Ridge Landscaping hydro-seeded the hillside gratis to the town. Thompson estimated that owner Donald Cope donated about $350 worth of supplies and labor in kind.

When storms threatened that same weekend, members of the department covered the area with protective netting. As it turned out, the anticipated heavy rain did not materialize but rained enough to get the grass growing.

Thompson, who said his young son regularly asks to visit the site, said that the cistern is in place, the footing walls are poured, the foundation is being filled in and the retention pond is installed.

This past month, the department also discovered and fixed a problem with a dry hydrant that serves as fire protection for the Tuftonboro Neck area, while in the process of drawing down the pond of the Lawalls of Hurlburt Way. At their request, fire department members were drawing down the water level to clear out cat o nine tails and other items that had accumulated over the last 20 years.

When a problem was discovered, JB & Sons Sewer and Drains, Inc. of Union Wharf Road donated its video and locating service to find the break in the piping eight feet underground. The Burnham Company of Conway was called upon to excavate and replace approximately 10 feet of the pipe. The bill for services was $681.

Thompson also reported excavation work by Edwin V. Moody & Sons, Inc., including 12 yards of gravel at the new dry hydrant at the library at a reduced cost of $909.

The chief expressed thanks for the local town contractors mentioned above who either donated their services or gave them at cost.

Bids on the new ambulance contract for one and three years duration and having an ambulance housed within 10 miles of 240 Middle Road in Center Tuftonboro dedicated to providing coverage to the town are due by Monday, October 15 at 4 p.m.

Thompson offered two other options for the selectmen to consider in the event that the town was to purchase an ambulance. Once the new station is completed in 2013, the department could offer 24 hours per day coverage provided by full time personnel or 24 hours per day coverage by per diem personnel.

The department has responded to 311 calls so far this year, including: 128 fire calls; 139 medical calls; 23 service calls and 21 special details. It completed 48 inspections, including 20 gas furnaces; six oil burners; four wood stoves; and 18 life safety inspections.

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