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Political signs vandalized and stolen in Wolfeboro

ROUTE 28 NEAR WEST LAKE. Also on the vandals’ agenda last Thursday evening was the destruction of this four-by-eight-foot Obama-Biden sign that had been placed that day just past West Lake Asian Cuisine Restaurant on Route 28 on the right. (Elissa Paquette photo) (click for larger version)
September 13, 2012
WOLFEBORO — Reports of vandalized Obama-Biden signs came into the Wolfeboro Police Department on Friday, Sept. 7. The owners, who had just purchased the four-by-eight-foot signs and put them up on Thursday, Sept 6., along Route 28 heading out and in toward town, had little time to appreciate their effort, for the signs were slashed into pieces later the same day.

Citizens also reported several thefts of short-lived smaller signs to the newspaper on Thursday and Friday.

Signs for the reelection of President Barack Obama and running mate Vice-President Joe Biden only began to go up in the past week following their official renomination at the Democratic National Convention. Romney signs began appearing early in the season during the candidate's primary run and have maintained prominence throughout the summer.

Since the recent reported vandalism and thefts of the Obama-Biden signs, additional reports were received that Romney signs along Route 109 coming into Wolfeboro have also begun to disappear.

Signs for local and state elections representing both parties have been up for several weeks with no reports of theft or destruction.

Chief Stuart Chase reminded everyone that the destruction and theft of private property is a crime.

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