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Tuftonboro selectmen prepare for 2013 budget season

FIRE STATION GROUNDBREAKING. Chairman of the Building Committee Jim Allan, Fire Chief Adam Thompson, Selectmen Lloyd Wood, Carolyn Sundquist and Chairman Dan Duffy, architect Gary Goudreau and committee member and retired architect Dick Cary are all smiles at the official groundbreaking for the $2.1 million fire station on Route 109A/Middle Road this past Monday, Aug. 27. (Elissa Paquette photo) (click for larger version)
August 30, 2012
TUFTONBORO — As the budget season progresses, Tuftonboro's Board of Selectmen has begun gathering information on capital improvement projects that might need to be placed on the town warrant in March, collecting prices for propane, and making decisions that will have an effect on next year's budget.

One such item is the preparation for work on Lang Pond Road along Mirror Lake.

H. E. Bergeron Engineers, Josh McAllister and Ed Bergeron came to the Aug. 27 board meeting to clarify the terms of a contract. The contract would include the final design work necessary to define an upcoming sediment control project and develop plans for bidding.

Much of the engineering work was completed in recent years. Code Officer Jack Parsons has applied for a renewal of the wetlands permit that is due to expire in February, and the Bergeron engineers said they would send a draft of the contract by Friday, Sept. 7, for the board to discuss at its Sept. 11 meeting, which will be held at the Town House in conjunction with primary voting.

The board heard that the best management practice would be to pave the road, thereby increasing the runoff but decreasing siltation, which transports phosphorus into the nearby water. The upper portion of Lang Pond Road, recently improved in a joint project with Wolfeboro, remains unpaved, as desired by many Wolfeboro residents.

Selectman Lloyd Wood inquired about the possibility of using pervious pavement; the engineers said that could be considered.

The board also discussed signing Tuftonboro up to join the Lakes Region Household Hazardous Waste Program. Wolfeboro has a facility near its transfer station and regularly scheduled collections that Tuftonboro residents may participate in for a fee.

Sundquist, charged with looking further into the matter at the last meeting, said that the cost for the town is based on the percent of use. Coordinator Sarah Silk said that the town could get started with the purchase of 50 10-gallon passes for $80 each. Passes unused after a year would be credited.

Tuftonboro could hold a hazardous waste collection at its transfer station the week before Wolfeboro's day for the convenience of residents. "It's not a cost saver," said Sundquist, "but it removes hazardous material from the waste stream."

Wood concurred that it is important to protect the watershed, noting that it fits in with the Conservation Commission's efforts to protect the town's water quality with its monitoring of Wolfeboro's Rapid Infiltration Basins and its recent sponsorship of arsenic testing. He suggested further that the cost of joining the program might be put in the form of a warrant article as a means for education on the matter.

In a very different subject, Chairman Dan Duffy said he has had several people talk to him about helping to retain the Melvin Village Post Office as a Tuftonboro operation rather than as a satellite of the Wolfeboro office. Selectmen would like to help boost the revenues by metering the town's postage expenses through the Melvin Village Post Office in an effort to preserve its operation.

Tuftonboro resident David Jeffers, representing the Lakes Region Planning Commission (LRPC), brought a "listening box" to the meeting, explaining that the Commission is engaged in an effort called "Granite State Future," similar to a Master Plan for the region. The LRPC would like to have the box passed around to various locations around town to collect ideas from residents as to their vision for the region in the future. 30 communities will participate in the effort to seek input on what residents value in the region and what they think could be improved.

A Tuftonboro resident and candidate to represent the newly-formed House District 4, Glenn Cordelli, introduced himself to the board and promised that if elected he would visit and communicate with the boards of the three towns in the district, Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro regularly.

Coming up

The supervisors of the checklist will be in session on Tuesday, Sept. 4, between 7 and 7:30 p.m. to accept additions and corrections to the checklist.

The Parks and Recreastion Commission's town picnic will be held on Sunday, Sept. 9 at 1 p.m. at the 19 Mile Beach pavilion.

The Board of Selectmen will meet next on Election Day, Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 9 a.m. at the Town House on Route 109A.

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