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Tuftonboro accepts new cable contact, gift of land

August 09, 2012
TUFTONBORO — Tuftonboro put several longstanding matters to rest at the Monday meeting of its Board of Selectmen on Aug. 6.

It accepted an approximately five-acre parcel of land from the Callendar family, including the site of the family graveyard, which has room in it to expand.

It accepted the terms, with some misgivings, of a 10-year Time-Warner Cable Contract that includes an extension of cable line to the transfer station.. Cable Committee member Joe Kowalski expressed displeasure at the terms, but Selectman Chairman Dan Duffy said that despite public disgruntlement, "We have no alternative. All the other companies said no."

"It's the only other utility we get money from," added Selectman Carolyn Sundquist.

"But you don't have to sell your soul," protested Kowalski, who noted that Wakefield is dealing with some of the same issues, including the offering of Maine stations rather than the Boston stations that most in the area have indicated they prefer.

Moving on, the board accepted a proposal from Sovereign Bank, contingent on the approval of Town Counsel Rick Sager, to commence the process of redeeming and repurchasing the 13 Zadeda lots that were conveyed to the town for the nonpayment of three years of taxes.

Sovereign would pay all the back taxes, interest and costs for tax years 2009 and 2010, together with the 15 percent surcharge, in return for an agreement from the town that the taxes would remain an obligation running with the land and subject to all rights of the town pertaining to real estate taxes.

Foreclosure would occur prior to October 15, 2012, and Sovereign would advise all bidders to pay the 2011 and 2012 back taxes. If the bank purchases the lots at the foreclosure it would bring the taxes up to date within 30 days of the foreclosure deed.

The board was unanimous in its support, stating that the town is not in the land business. Sundquist also commented that they would like to get those lots back on the tax rolls.

Selectmen also voted to accept the gift of Don Taylor's services in constructing an enclosure for the portapotties at Melvin Beach.

Other business

The board complimented the Joint Loss Management Committee for its work on inspecting town properties to mitigate safety hazards. Duffy observed that the town has been taking care of a punch list of items over the last few years and by now, it is complete for the most part. Town facilities are in good shape.

Fenton Varney was nominated for the open position on the Planning Board.

The board decided to look into joining the Lakes Region Household Hazardous Waste program located in Wolfeboro, in response to comments from a resident on the charges incurred for disposing of waste for residents of nonmember towns.

In regard to the fire call figure total reported in the July 26 issue of the Granite State News: The total number of calls handled by the department was written as 122. The correct figure is 222. The Granite State News apologizes for the error.

The next selectmen's meeting is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 13 at 9 a.m. at the town offices. By then, the winning bid on the new fire station on Route 109A, is expected to be known.

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