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Winners all repeat in Chunky Dunk

Mark Hecox, Elizabeth Hall win second annual duathlon

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

ELIZABETH HALL of Wolfeboro was again the top female finisher in the Chunky Dunk. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 30, 2012
WOLFEBORO — More than 100 competitors turned out on Saturday morning to test their mettle in the second annual Chunky Dunk Duathlon. But the names at the top of the board looked the same as last year's inaugural race.

The race, consisting of a half-mile swim in the waters of Lake Wentworth and a 5K run on the Cotton Valley Rail Trail, is a benefit for the Wolfeboro Area Recreation Association, which runs The Nick.

Among the women, the the top three finishers from last year returned and held their positions against a strong field of competitors.

On the men's side, last year's winner also returned and defended his title with some new challengers finishing behind him.

And the top team from last year and one of the members of the second place team also returned to their spots on the results board.

The top finisher of the day was Henniker's Mark Hecox, who won last year's race as well. He finished in 33:27, using the top time in the run to seal the win. Trent Hayden finished in second in 33:47 and Jeff Litchfield came home in third place in 34:53. Greg Dorn was fourth in 35:02 and Kempes Corbally of Wolfeboro rounded out the top five in 35:03.

For the women, perennial Granite Man winner Elizabeth Hall of Wolfeboro took the top spot with a time of 26:34, which placed her seventh overall amongst all competitors. Rachael Babcock again took second place (10th overall) in 37:22 and Casey Hecox finished in third place (16th overall) in 39:43.

James Graham finished sixth in 36:22, with Joshua Rines taking eighth in 36:39 and Tyler Mason in ninth in 37:04. Ted Hall finished 11th in 38:01 and Kevin McIntyre came home 12th in 39:04. Glenn Kotrick was 13th in 39:08, Dan Wentworth finished 14th in 39:09 and Nicholas Dorn finished out the top 15 in 39:33.

Darcey Bartel finished 17th in 39:50, with Sam Goos in 18th in 40:38 and Neil Harper in 19th in 40:42. Leslie Reap rounded out the top 20 in 40:49. Benjamin Quick came home 21st in 41:11, ahead of Max Manche in 22nd place in 41:30. Laura Dinardo finished 23rd in 41:37 and Steve Kirwan took 24th in 41:41. Erin Pospyonala was 25th in 42:26 and Kathryn Jarocki took 26th in 42:27. Karla Quick placed 27th in 42:28 and Elizabeth Corbally took 28th in 43:07. Christopher Partelow finished 29th in 43:12.

Katherine Brown (43:23), Christine Hyde (43:27), Lauren Almonte (43:34), Christopher Bahr (43:42), Emily Bannister (43:45), William Peternel (44:03), Artie Lang (44:14), Katy Peternel (44:22), Caileen Burns (44:25) and Andy Chapman (45:17) took spots 30 through 39.

Spots 40 through 43 went to Deanne Franciosa (45:29), Scott Page (27:36), Lynne Ainsworth (45:35) and Becky Hecox (45:38). Joanne Hanson was 45th in 45:45, Sam Ftorek was 46th in 46:50 and Caitlyn Bickford placed 48th in 46:56.

Spots 50 through 59 went to Amelia Bothel (47:10), Scott Bannister (47:17), Carly Graber (47:18), Jared Welman (47:23), Chris Murry (47:24), Sean Barrett (47:34), Dawn Cobak (47:51), Aimee Barrett (48:16), Kristen Griffin (48:51) and Deborah Bunting (48:51 as well).

Margie Strunk (49:03), Bethany Evitts (49:13), Rory O'Donnell (49:15), Heidi Fleming (49:35), Janet Fennell (49:59), Kristine Decourcey (50:02), John Finnerty (50:05), Kerry Hunt (50:18), Fran Curran (50:28) and Karin Lovering (50:41) picked up spots 60 through 69.

Spots 70 through 72 went to Jennifer Hanson (50:43), Lindsay Green (50:46) and Joshua Smithson (51:17). Ned Schwartz took 74th in 51:35, followed by Catherine Kane (51:44), Michael Daly (52:24), Wendy Antonelli (52:24 as well), Tracey Richardson (52:30) and Jeffrey Harrington (52:35) finishing spots 74 through 79.

Spots 80 through 85 went to Peter Milligan (53:17), Holly Boelig (53:56), Stephanie Lilly (54:02), Alexandra McMullen (54:00), Abbey Simon (54:09 as well) and Elizabeth Milligan (54:18). Karen Simas was 87th in 55:16, Dairine Murphy was 88th in 56:17 and Sue Hines placed 89th in 56:38.

Places 90 through 99 went to Marykate McDonald (57:01, Joyce Pepin (57:32), Michele St. Laurent (59:35), Erica Bickford Cray (1:01:05), Patti Cain (1:01:29), Steve Sirois (1:02:03), Micaela Purcell (1:02:12), Kathryn Howard (1:03:56), Christina Lashua (1:04:04) and Cynthia Jackson (1:04:16).

Brewster girls' hoop coach Laurel Brown was 101st in 1:04:23, with Alyson Achorn in 1:10:34, Mary Rioux in 1:11:19, Amanda Salve in 1:13:31, Sara Peek in 1:16:48, Melissa Grant in 1:20:44, Katherine Hopkins in 1:22:45 and Loretta Brady in 1:22:52.

Athletes were also allowed to compete as teams and the team of Meredith and Michael Townsley repeated as the winners in a time of 34:26. Brewster boys' lacrosse coach Bill Lee teamed with Gratia Trahan to take second overall in 41:43 (Lee was part of last year's second place team as well). Joanna Hughes and Marc Vaillant took third in 42:19 and Annie Peternel and Kelli Conley finished fourth in 42:35. Maisie Ross and Zachary Ross finished fifth in 43:38 and Robert Fleming's team was sixth in 44:37 and David and Tess Guttadauro finished in seventh in 44:59.

Complete results can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

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