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Stevens leads the way in 21st Granite Kid Triathlon

More than 150 kids compete in annual event

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

GRANITE KID competitors pose for a photo after the triathlon on Saturday morning at Brewster Beach. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 23, 2012
WOLFEBORO — The weather couldn't have been more perfect as more than 150 kids took to the sand of Brewster Beach for the 21st annual Granite Kid Triathlon on Saturday morning.

Overall on the day, the top finisher was Sanbornville's Brett Stevens, who finished in 16:44, just barely in front of Wolfeboro's Brett Conley, who finished in 16:46. The top overall female was Lindsay MacLellan, who finished in 18:26.

The day started with the five and under group completing the entire triathlon on a shortened course.

Leading the way for the girls was Callie MacLellan of Wolfeboro in 5:05, followed by Lucy Parker of Wolfeboro in 5:05 and Morgan Weidner of Wolfeboro in 5:38. Ariana Ftorek, also of Wolfeboro, finished fourth in 5:47 and Scarlett Kellar of Bedford rounded out the top five in 5:53.

Maeve Murray of Wolfeboro was sixth in 6:08, with Emily Rowley of Milton, Mass. in 6:18 taking seventh and Casey Shea of Barnstead finishing eighth in 6:43. Audrey Willscher of Brooklyn, N.Y. was ninth in 8:12 and Mariela Staniec of Exeter was 10th in 8:23. Hailey Hartford (9:47), Ava Feinberg (9:54) and Hayden MacLellan (12:02), all of Wolfeboro, rounded out the field.

For the boys, Paul Conway Jr. of Framingham, Mass. was first in 5:02, followed by Max Willscher of Brooklyn, N.Y. in 5:03. Joshua Fields of Kennebunkport, Maine was third in 5:04 and Brent Sonne of Naples, Fla. was fourth in 5:08.

Drew Hunt of Tuftonboro was the top local finisher, taking fifth in 5:09, with five Wolfeboro kids following. William Hunter (5:10) was sixth, Alistair Fleming (5:38) was seventh, Colton Weidner (5:54) was eighth, Noah Mansfield (6:48) was ninth and Savo Ftorek (7:25) was 10th. Austin Freeman of Henniker was 11th in 7:45, with John Barrett of Chatham, N.J. took 12th in 8:42. Aaron Bartlett of Wolfeboro (8:54), James Ling of Wolfeboro (9:25), Spencer Monroe of Rye, N.Y. (9:39), Alex Skulte of Milford, Conn. (9:44), Carson MacDonald of Wolfeboro (9:54) and Riley Hartford of Wolfeboro (11:14) rounded out the field.

After the younger kids were finished with their triathlon, the older age groups took to the water, with the 6-7 age group going first and the 13-16 age group closing out the wave starts.

The swimming portion of the triathlon had distances based on age groups, with all competitors completing a 1.2-mile bike ride and a 4/5 of a mile run, both starting and ending at Brewster Beach.

For the 6-7 age group for the girls, Wolfeboro residents took the top five spots. Marcella DeNitto was first in 22:13, with Tessa Demain in second in 22:23 and Celia Meranus in third in 22:30. Abigail Weidner finished fourth in 23:09 and Phoebe Knoll took fifth in 23:31. Ellie Seefried of Portsmouth was sixth in 23:54, with Rachel Fields of Kennebunkport, Maine in seventh in 24:41. Sara Riedeu of Needham, Mass. finished eighth in 24:45 and Merrill Sonne of Naples, Fla. finished ninth in 24:47. Ellie Parker of Wolfeboro rounded out the top 10 in 24:50.

Michaela Staniec of Exeter (26:34), Talia Feinberg of Wolfeboro (26:39), Michaela Riedeu of Needham, Mass. (27:18), Giovanna Coppola of Wolfeboro (27:33), Abbey Fleming of Wolfeboro (28:13), Talie Willscher of Brooklyn, N.Y. (29:01), Julia Rowley of Dover (30:10), Claire Prescott of Wolfeboro (30:21), Charlotte Ling of Wolfeboro (31:53) and Jennifer Epstein of Merrimack (36:26) rounded out the field.

For the boys in the same age group, Emerson DeNitto was the winner, finishing in 21:45, with Nicholas Tanner of Hinesburg, Vt. in second in 21:54 and Luke Haley of Mirror Lake in third in 23:16. Charles Prenaveau of Wolfeboro was fourth in 23:57 and Romeo Signore of Alton finished fifth in 24:09. Coleman Sieper of Wolfeboro finished sixth in 26:59, with Healy Larson of Wolfeboro seventh in 27:13 and Matthew Jacobs of Wolfeboro eighth in 27:19. Griffin Munroe of Rye, N.Y. was ninth in 27:38 and Curtis Cloos of Wolfeboro rounded out the top 10 in 27:56.

Matthew Kellar of Bedford (28:50), Calvin MacDonald of Wolfeboro (34:49) and William Pechinsky of Wolfeboro (35:19) rounded out the age group.

For the 8-9 age group girls, Lindsay MacLellan's top female time of 18:26 was first, with Sarah Peternel of Wolfeboro in second in 20:23 and Ana Ekstrom of Wolfeboro in third in 21:13. Anna Rowley of Milton, Mass. finished fourth in 21:58 and Wolfeboro's Annie MacLellan finished the top five in 22:46. Elizabeth Murphy of Reading, Mass. was sixth in 23:42, with Lauren Prenaveau of Wakefield finished seventh in 23:56. Sophia Rowley of Milton, Mass. finished eighth in 24:00 Sydney Sieper of Wolfeboro was ninth in 26:02, with Caia Mansfield of Wolfeboro rounding out the top 10 in 26:56.

Tasha Hipple of Tuftonboro (27:42), Catherine Ling of Wolfeboro (28:37), Stephanie Reap of Amherst, Mass. (29:43), Angela Bonnell of Durham (33:04) and Elizabeth Fogg of Wolfeboro (33:19) rounded out the age group.

For the boys, Wolfeboro boys took the top four positions. Davis Ekstrom was first in 16:58, Colby Simmons was second in 17:21, Teddy Hall was third in 18:42 and Robert Doherty finished fourth in 18:53. Nick Potenza of Tuftonboro finished fifth in 18:58 and Wolfeboro's Finnian Prescott took sixth in 20:09. Emmett Shea of Barnstead placed seventh in 20:11, with Reid Demain of Wolfeboro in eighth in 21:01, Logan Dinges of Wolfeboro in ninth in 21:14 and Sam Epstein of Merrimack in 10th in 21:36.

Jack Haley of Mirror Lake (22:28), Tucker Carlisle of Wolfeboro (23:21), Tommy Howlett (23:32), Tyler Parker of Wolfeboro (24:33), Tyler Sprince of Wolfeboro (26:20), Perrin McLeod of Alton (27:09), Carter Rowley of Dover (27:39) and Adin Freeman of Henniker (30:44) rounded out the age group.

For the 10-11 age group, local girls took the top seven spots. Wolfeboro's Olivia Papp was first in 20:16, with Mary Peternel of Wolfeboro second in 20:18. Mirror Lake's Margaret Haley finished third in 21:30. The next four girls were all from Wolfeboro. Anna Mansfield was fourth in 21:35, Katie Reap was fifth in 23:22, Rebecca Connelly was sixth in 23:35 and Ginny Skelley was seventh in 23:37. Grace Fellows of Mount Pleasant, S.C. was eighth in 23:57, with Elizabeth Morrison of Tuftonboro in ninth in 24:11 and Nina Singer of Avon, Conn. in 10th in 25:36.

Wolfeboro girls took the next four spots. Lexi Yurcyzk (26:18), Kaitlin Miller (26:40), Sophia Egerton (27:27) and Ella Meranus (27:46) took spots 11-14. Amelia Concannon of Lee (28:06), Julia Pepin of Wolfeboro (28:10) and Sara Willey of Alton (31:02) rounded out the age group.

For the boys, Conley's time of 16:46 led the way, with Justin Reilly of Morganville, N.J. in 19:16 for second. Zachery Gibson of Wolfeboro was third in 19:43 and Tuftonboro's Jackson Hipple finished fourth in 20:15. James Murphy of Reading, Mass. finished fifth in 20:29 and Jackson Roseberry of Exeter took sixth in 20:30. Josh Duntley of Brookfield took seventh in 21:17, followed by Wolfeboro's Quinn Demain in 22:06 and Michael Coppola, also of Wolfeboro, in ninth in 23:47. Cam Seefried of Portsmouth rounded out the top 10 in 24:12.

Garrett Hussey of Wolfeboro (25:56) and Tucker Prescott of Wolfeboro (26:35) rounded out the age group.

For the 12-13 girls, Shayla Meehan of Mirror Lake was the top finisher in 18:52 and Durham's Audrey Duvall finished second in 19:27. Lydia Concannon of Lee was third in 19:41. Wolfeboro's Becky Peternel was fourth in 20:11 and Abby Coulter of Mirror Lake took fifth in 20:44. Wolfeboro girls took the next three spots, with Hannah Demain finishing in 22:05, Payten Vincent crossing in 24:34 and Emily Skelley finishing in 25:47.

For the boys, Stevens' overall top time of 16:44 led the way, with Hunter Miller of Wolfeboro in second in 17:33. Bryce Northrop of Ossipee was third in 18:14 and David Mansfield of Wolfeboro took fourth in 19:43. Chris Watson of Wolfeboro finished fifth in 20:23, with Joseph Bonnell of Durham in sixth in 21:55, Zachary Cray of Wolfeboro in seventh in 25:59 and Jordan Kline of Tuftonboro in eighth in 32:22.

Only two competitors competed in the 14-16 age group. Ryanne Murray of Wolfeboro finished in 20:35 for the girls and Alex McKenna of Tuftonboro finished in 20:31 for the boys.

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