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Public Works preparing for winter, bridge repairs

November 24, 2021
The Department of Public Works is finishing up road work and getting ready for winter and repairs on some town bridges among many other projects.

Public Works director Meghan Theriault gave the board of selectmen an update on her department during the Nov. 10 board meeting.

Theriault said this year's road plan is around 90 percent finished. So far, nine out of 12 roads have been paved, two have been paved and reclaimed, and three have been SAM sealed. At the time they were finishing the project on Glenridge Way.

Theriault said by now they have enough funding to cap the town's gravel roads.

"That was something we were holding off on, I was waiting to see how things were coming in," Theriault said. "We'll probably cap our gravel roads with available reclaim material that we have to help save money. I'm excited about that."

On the project to fix the expansion joint on the Governor's Island bridge, Theriault said plans for the project are about 90 percent done and are hoping to put it out to bid around January. If everything goes well, construction could start in April and the project could be finished by July.

Theriault also updated the board on the project to fix the damaged abutment on the Tannery Hill Bridge. She said survey work has been done and work is underway on an expedited permit.

"I know they're working with several contractors on some permeant repair solutions," Theriault said, adding they are also seeking feedback from masons.

She said she would be back to the board with an update later.

The fleet is now getting ready for winter. They are now ordering and installing bring systems on their trucks, an especially high priority considering that salt went up $20 a ton this year.

"We got our hands on two of them we're trying to order more, but availability will dictate how many we can get," Theriault said, "but every one of those that we can get is going to help save salt and save money so hopefully we'll be able to get a few more of those."

Theriault said they want to get a brine system for every truck. Last year brining was only done on two routes and their hope to get three more systems.

Members of the department have also done training on winter operations and the brine system.

Selectman Chan Eddy said he has heard from residents who praised the brine treatment on their roads. He said he especially heard from residents of Gunstock Acres, where the roads get especially problematic during winter weather.

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