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GPD police appreciation event this Thursday

September 23, 2021
People can get a direct perspective on the Gilford Police Department with a special event this Thursday thanks to efforts by a Gilford resident.

The Gilford Police Department Awareness and Appreciation Night will take place this Thursday, Sept. 23, from 6-8 p.m. at the Gilford High School Auditorium. During the event members of the GPD will talk about the work they do and how the department operates to give the public a better sense of their jobs.

The event was the result of efforts by Tony Limanni to show appreciation for the police and to educate the public on what the police do.

Limanni is a retired math teacher, and helped develop a testing protocol for police officers around the state. He said his experience with police has given him an insight on how dangerous their jobs are and how they're like regular people. Additionally, his nephew Geoff is has been a New Hampshire State Trooper for three years, serving out of Troop A in Epping.

"It is especially exciting for me in that I spent so much of my early working years developing exams (written, oral, and physical agility) for State Police while I was a member of the State Personnel Department and to know that one of my family is, in my own little way, a result of that process," Limanni said. "I am so proud of him and his love for public service as a member of the NH law enforcement community."

Limanni said he was motivated to undertake this effort because of how public opinion has turned against the police in recent years after incidents of police brutality.

Limanni decided to organize a police appreciation effort, including lawn signs showing appreciation and a police appreciation event. Planning for this started for over a year but was put on hold because of the pandemic.

Limanni spoke with the GPD about organizing the awareness and appreciation night.

"Wanting to show his support for GPD and to allow for others to do the same, Mr. Limanni approached GPD with the idea of putting together an evening with GPD personnel who will discuss many aspects of law enforcement, explain the agency Divisions and how each operates in order to carry out the Department's mission and vision, and to have an open dialogue with those in attendance in order to field questions and provide factual responses to how police work in NH is conducted," read a statement from the Gilford Police.

The event is free and open to the public. It will also be livestreamed by the DP Production Group on its website dppgnetwork.com under their "Regional Events" section.

Limanni worked with Gator Signs and some local sponsors to print up signs supporting the Gilford Police similar to signs that can be seen in Rochester and other communities.

He said he spoke with Deputy Chief Kris Kelley of the GPD about this effort and Kelley recommended he speak with the Rochester Police Department about a similar community sign effort in the city,

Limanni then got in touch with Shannon Buttermore of Gator Sign Shop, who offered to donate the company's services but asked for $500 money for materials. He said he started calling businesses for donations. One of the biggest supporters of this endeavor was Larry Litchfield of Sawyer's Dairy Bar, the first person he called about a donation. Litchfield passed away in August.

"He had a deep appreciation for GPD and its personnel and wanted that for everyone in our community," Limanni said. "When I told him that I was hoping to get enough sponsors to contribute to the $500 seed money, he immediately offered $200! That not only was a sizable amount but inspired me to realize that there were others in the community who felt the way I did, especially Allan Beetle at Patrick's and Andy Blier at Lowe's. They contributed the rest; and I had to go no further."

Signs are available for $10 with proceeds going to the Gilford Police Relief Association. Call Limanni at 603-528-6234 or by email at tonyfayelimanni@gmail.com to ask about getting a sign.

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