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Yard signs available to support police

A local man is showing support to the Gilford Police (with representatives seen here at Old Home Day) with some new yard signs and organizing a coming event. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
September 08, 2021
People around Gilford can get signs showing their support of the Gilford Police Department thanks to the efforts of a local man.

Tony Limanni has undertaken an effort to show support for the police and give people an opportunity to see what police do in a coming event. He is offering yard signs that support the Gilford PD for a donation that goes back to the police.

Limanni is a retired math teacher and helped develop a testing protocol for police officers around the state from local agencies to Fish and Game and the Corrections Department.

"When you do things like that you work with law enforcement officers, you get to know them, how they think, how they feel and they're just like us and they have a nasty job," Limanni said.

His nephew is a police officer, and he said he prays for his safety. His neighbor is also a state trooper. Limanni said the police have helped him and his family in a few different situations, including after a car accident.

Limanni said he was motivated to undertake this effort because of how public opinion has turned against the police in recent years after incidents of police brutality.

"They're great people, they're like you and me, they have children and so I was really, very sad to see (the media) try to make everybody think the police are not your friends, they're not your neighbors, they're out there to kill people," Limanni said. "I'm sure in every aspect of life there are terrorists, there are bad people, and there are people that get hurt."

Limanni decided to organize a police appreciation effort, including a police appreciation event. Planning for this started for over a year but was put on hold because of the pandemic.

Limanni printed up signs supporting the Gilford Police, similar to signs that can be seen in Rochester and other communities.

The signs were printed at Gator Sign shop, who donated some services, he got some help from Lowes and Patrick's Pub and Eatery.

The signs can be purchased for $10 with proceeds going to the Gilford Police Relief Association. He and members of his family started distributing them though the community on Old Home Day weekend.

Limanni is planning a police appreciation and awareness night, possibly sometime in September. He said he wanted to have an event where police from Gilford and other agencies talk about what they do. He is working with the Gilford School District to hold it in Gilford High School.

Limanni said he wants to educate people about the police so they will develop their own opinion of what they do and understand how they support the community.

"I want people to be critical thinkers come list to what goes on see the present and make your decisions," he said. "Do you believe police officers are here for our good?"

Limanni's signs are available to anyone who wants one. Call him at 528-6234 and leave a message asking for a sign. He can also be reached by email at tonyfayelimanni@gmail.com.

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