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Selectmen approve five-year road plan

March 03, 2021
The five-year road improvement plan will go forward after some more details were worked out.

The selectmen unanimously approved the plan for 2021-2026 which outlines what roads will receive what types of repairs and in what order. The motion came with the provision that the selectmen reserve the right to make changes to it in the future if deemed necessary.

The plan was the result of extensive work by public works director, Meghan Theriault and the public works team as well as many others. Theriault said she has been working on the plan everyday with information compiled from different sources.

The plan also used a report from the Lakes Region Planning Commission, which Theriault said had been updated again. Theriault said she had issues with the initial report as some details didn't match up with aspects of her methodology. The report was updated to account for these details. The plan can also be used to schedule out roads past the five years to the 10-year mark.

They are also getting ready for work in the spring and the possibility any changes need to be made. Theriault said they will inspect all the culverts to determine which ones need to be cleaned or replaced.

"In the future, it'll be great to be ahead of the whole curve with it, but where we've cleaned next year's roads and if we've got this plan then that can be the goal that were going to clean everything for next year too and really narrow it down and get better quantities," Theriault said.

They will also be able to extend the contract if certain parties agree to it for a single year, otherwise it can go out to bid next year.

Board Chair Eddy asked about the difference between a shim and overlay and what was referred to as a "Band-Aid shim" in the plan. Theriault said shim and overlay is a road treatment. The "Band-Aid' is for roads that need to be reclaimed though that work cannot be completed now, so an extra layer of pavement is put on to buy some time.

Some of the roads receiving the "Band-Aid" approach in 2021 are sections of Boyd Hill and Cat Path.

The road plan can be found on the town Web site at https://www.gilfordnh.org/assets/municipal/10/postings/2021-2025_Road_Improvement_Plan_1614264976.pdf.

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