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Police managing pandemic-related program, training cancellations

January 06, 2021
The Gilford Police Department is looking at options for restarting a few programs that were put on hold because of the pandemic from the Citizen's Police Academy to officer training.

Police Chief Anthony Bean Burpee gave the board of selectmen an update on his department during their Dec. 16 meeting, including different impacts from the pandemic.

Bean Hurpee gave the board a listing of call volume. Board chair Chan Eddy noted that a lot of call statistics are down, including arrests, traffic stops, and vehicle crashes though they are seeing more calls for service.

"I'm going to assume a lot of it has to do with the fact that people were kind of staying close to home," Eddy said.

Bean Burpee said that does appear to be the case.

"Officers were getting caught up on reports and doing more stuff here," he said, saying officers were doing a lot more by email. "It'll be interesting to see where we end the year."

Bean Burpee also said the department has tried being proactive with speeding measures in some areas where they had been more reactive before.

Bean Burpee reported that most every department program was canceled due to the pandemic.

The Citizen's Police Academy was going on for around two or three weeks at the beginning of the year when it was canceled. The program is expected to start back up in February 2021, though the current situation will be reassessed in January to decide if it can go on as scheduled.

The Kainen Flynn Fishing Derby was also canceled.

The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) were off for most of the summer, though some have come back to do some work on a limited basis.

Bean Burpee and Lt. Dustin Parent were supposed to go to FBI headquarters for training, Parent in FBI Command College and Bean Burpee for the FBI National Command Course, though these programs were put on hold. He said they hope the courses will get rescheduled.

On the police chaplain program, Shaun Dutile has been working with the Gilford PD. Trainers were supposed to come up from New Jersey, though that was pushed back to 2021.

Classes for the FBI's LEEDA program were canceled in March, though for non-pandemic related reasons. Bean Burpee said in March because the instructor became sick (though not with COVID-19) and flew back to Arizona. The class was canceled but everyone still got their certificates.

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