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Minor injuries in airport plane crash

Skeletal remains found on the scene

November 26, 2020
A father and son from Kingston sustained minor injuries after their plane overturned at the end of the Laconia Airport runway. The investigation into this incident also revealed some skeletal remains that are now being analyzed.

Gilford Police Chief Anthony Bean Burpee said on Monday, Nov. 9, NH E911 transferred a call to Gilford rescue services before 4 p.m. from a man involved in a plane crash at the airport.

Gilford Fire and Rescue and Police went to the airport and found a 61-year-old Kingston man with his 19-year-old son.

Bean Burpee said they found out the two decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a flight. They took off from northern Massachusetts and were about to land at the Laconia Airport. As they were landing, they overshot the runway and a tree clipped the wing, overturning it into the area at the end of the runway on the side of Patrick's Pub and Eatery.

"It ended up on its side, almost upside down," Bean Burpee said.

Someone inside the plane called 911 and rescue crews responded. Bean Burpee said the two suffered minor injuries. Neither were transported to the hospital, but both went to the hospital on their own for treatment.

Gilford Police notified the airport, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Federal Aviation Administration of the incident and did some preliminary procedures before the other agencies took over the investigation.

Bean Burpee said a few people from the airport were looking over the site on Wednesday, Nov. 11, when they found skeletal remains at the scene. Gilford Police responded, cordoned off the area, and talked with the people who found the remains. The NH State Police Major Crime Unit came to the scene and spent the better part of that night investigating, then brought cadaver dogs there on Thursday.

Bean Burpee said the remains were "very, very deteriorated" and had clearly been there for a while. He said Gilford Police would send them to the state lab that week for analysis, which could take around a month.

Bean Burpee said there is an outstanding missing persons case from 2011, but they don't know if this is related.

"The lab will have to do some DNA analysis on the bones to see what they can find," Bean Burpee said.

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