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Gilford School District keeping with COVID-19 protocols

November 26, 2020
The Gilford School District has been following recommended protocols after a small number of positive COVID-19 cases have been reported in the district and will continue offering the options for remote or in-person learning when the second trimester starts on Dec. 14.

Superintendent Kirk Beitler wrote a letter to parents dated Nov. 13 that was posted on the district website to update families on how the district has been handling the pandemic.

Beitler said as of Nov. 13, there had been four documented cases of COVID-19 in the district since school opened, two at Gilford High School and two at Gilford Elementary School.

"The administration and the school nurses in both the high school and the middle school acted swiftly and connected with DHHS (The Department of Health and Human Services) to make sure everything was covered and that the correct procedures were followed," Beitler wrote.

Since school started up through Nov. 13, 151 students and staff members had been tested for COVID-19: 37 in Gilford Elementary School, 38 at GMS, and 76 at GHS.

"It is not a requirement, but it is helpful if the nurses know if students or staff have been tested and the results of the test," Beitler wrote.

He said the nurses in all three schools have been communicating daily.

Three days after that notice, GHS Principal Anthony Sperazzo announced two more students at GHS tested positive for COVID-19. After contact tracing, 36 students and three staff members were asked to quarantine because of the first case. The school went to remote learning the last few days before Thanksgiving break and were scheduled to come back to school in-person on Nov. 30.

Beitler thanked everyone who is continuing to fill out the daily screening information everyday.

"This year more than ever, we need people to keep their learners home if they have any of the classic symptoms: fever, runny nose, headache, sore throat or body aches," Beitler wrote.

The second trimester of school is scheduled to run from Dec. 14-March 26, 2021. After surveying families on theat learning method they prefer, Beitler wrote the schools will continue to have the options of in-person or remote learning.

Beitler wrote that remote learning in the second trimester will be the same for elementary and middle school students, though the model will be different for high school students with more details coming soon.

The winter sports season will be delayed under the NHIAA's reopening guidelines. Skills and drills start on Nov. 30, tryouts and practices starting Dec. 14, and games will start on Jan. 11, 2021.

Beitler also reminded families about the state's travel requirements, which require a 14 day quarantine for all those who are traveling in and out of the six New England states.

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