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Gilford voters choose candidates in primary

September 16, 2020
Voters in Gilford took to the polls on Tuesday with the rest of the state for the primary election.

Gilford voters helped choose the Republican and Democrat candidates that will run in the general election in November.

On the Republican ballot, Gov. Chris Sununu was the choice of Gilford voters. Sununu received 1,231 votes against 91 for Karen Testerman and 11 Nobody.

Don Bolduc won in Gilford for US Senator with 920 votes. Corky Messner received 358 votes, Andy Martin received 23, and Gerard Beloin got 11.

For Representative in Congress for the First Congressional District, Matt Mowers was the top pick with 650 votes while Matt Mayberry got 306, Michael Callis got 97, Kevin Rondeau received 54, and Jeff Denaro got 52.

Joseph D. Kenney received the most votes in Gilford for District 1 Executive Councilor, receiving 853 over 272 votes for Kim Strathdee.

For the four open seats for State Representative in Belknap District 2 Harry H. Bean received 996 votes in Gilford, Glen Aldritch received 908, Norm Silber received 827, Jonathan Mackie received, 518, and Dee Jurius got 501.

The rest of the Republicans ran uncontested on their ballot.

Harold F. French got 1,054 votes for State Senator in District 7.

Bill Wright received 906 for Belknap County Sheriff.

Andrew Livernois received 1,082 Gilford votes for County Attorney.

Michael G. Muzzey got 1,090 votes for County Treasurer.

Judy McGrath received 1,101 votes for Register of Deeds.

Alan Glassman got 1,067 for Register of Probate.

Harry H. Bean and Norm Silber ran for the two seats as Delegates to the State Convention, Bean receiving 1,038 votes and Silber receiving 918.

On the Democrat ticket, Dan Feltes was Gilford's choice for governor by a narrow margin. Feltes received 389 votes and Andru Volinsky received 328.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was Gilford Democrats' clear choice for US senator. She received 792 votes while Paul J. Krautmann received 21 votes and Tom Alciere received 10.

The rest of the Democratic candidates ran uncontested.

Rep. Chris Pappas is running for another term as Representative in Congress for the 1st District, receiving 803 votes in Gilford.

Michael Cryans received 716 Gilford votes for District 1 Executive Councilor.

Phillip Spagnulo got 703 votes for state senator in District 7.

For State Representative in Belknap District 2, Diane Hanley received 671 votes, Shelley Carita got 654, Natalie Taylor got 651, and Dara McCue received 636.

Johanna Davis received 670 votes for Belknap County Register of Deeds.

Lynn Thomas received 667 Gilford votes Register of Probate.

No Democrats are running for Belknap County Sheriff, County Attorney, or County Treasurer.

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