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DPW building to get needed repairs

September 10, 2020
The Public Works building will get some needed repairs to one wall with rot, drafts, and rodent damage before winter.

Public Works Director Meghan Theriault spoke with the board during the Aug. 26 meeting about repairs needed to the building.

Theriault said there is significant weather damage to the back wall on the lower entrance.

There is no lashing between the first and the second floor and the roof has been falling apart for a while. The windows don't shut well, and they had some bad drafts over the winter.

Water has been spilling into the mechanic's office from heavy rains, creating rot and rodent issues. Rodents were also eating the insulation in the wall.

Theriault said the department talked about calling some contractors to address this, though no one was calling back because everyone was busy. They got a call back from a carpenter who gave them an estimate for redoing the whole wall. A carpenter did get back to them with an estimate of around $18,000 to redo the whole wall including the windows. On closer inspection the carpenter said the windows were in better shape than expected, which lowered the cost.

Theriault said the carpenter will remove and replace the T111 siding from the corner to past the lower entrance, an area with multiple windows that have had issues. A new seal plate will be installed in a higher location and some insulation eaten by rodents will be replaced. The windowsills will also be repaired and the rotting areas removed.

"So they were just trying to do some repairs to get us functional," Theriault said. "I understand there are long term plans and hopes to build a new facility someday, but like I said to Scott (Town Administrator Scott Dunn) I need to keep the building functional and safe and I don't want to have mold and I can't have water coming into offices and so that's why we were nervous to miss the opportunity asked him to come to at least start some work."

The project to work around especially problematic areas would be around $6,300, with around $4,800 in labor and $1,500 in materials.

The remaining two-thirds of the back wall is in less dire shape and Theriault said that section of the wall would be quicker to repair. The siding is rotting and would be replaced and missing insulation would be reinstalled. This part of the project would cost around $8,200, the total work on the back wall would be around $14,500. She said Dunn told her there is money in the Building Repair Capital Reserve Fund that could cover the cost.

Theriault said the department is working to keep the costs down, including making dump runs with the debris.

Dunn said all of the money for the project will come from the capital reserve fund as this was not something that was budgeted for.

"It's not like you're trying to wish list, these are just the bare bones to get us through," said Selectman Gus Benavides.

Theriault said this is the only wall that's in rough shape, the rest of the walls on the Public Works building are fine aside for some slight panel curling by the garage. This wall, however, gets full sunlight all day and snow loads coming off it in the winter. She said they are aiming to protect the building from any further damage.

Benavides asked if they would need any more than the $14,500. Theriault said that's unlikely because the windows were in better condition than they thought.

Selectman Kevin Hayes made a motion for up to $16,00 in case something else is discovered. The board approved the motion unanimously.

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