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Roadwork projects underway around town

August 13, 2020
Road construction and paving work took place this week on a number of town roads, including Potter Hill Road.

The town posted a traffic advisory on Friday announcing that that work was starting on Monday, Aug. 10 on several different roads across town and expected to be mostly finished on Wednesday. Roadwork was scheduled for Dinsmoor Point Road, Oakland Avenue, Alpine Drive, Ridgeline Loop, River Road, Leisure Drive, and Chalet Drive. Grading and paving work was also scheduled on Potter Hill Road on the gravel portion only.

This year, the town's road budget was $1.75 million and Town Administrator Scott Dunn had given Public Works Director Meghan Theriault was given a preliminary list of roads. Theriault said to the selectmen in March that she would work with Highway Superintendent Kyle Tibbetts on mapping the roads and coming up with the final plans. That same meeting the selectmen approved awarding the paving contract to Wolcott Construction of Gilmanton, who has been doing the town's paving work for the past several years. The decision came after ample discussion about whether to go with Wolcott this year or take bids from another company. The board decided to go with Wolcott this year and take bids for paving next year.

According to the announcement, Public Works crews working with Wolcott and Busby Construction conducted shim work, raised structures, and paved over the week. Most paving was anticipated to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Paving that wasn't done would be done in the next round of asphalt work when work on the shoulders would also be done. Separate traffic alerts would go out for that work.

The roads being worked on would have one lane of traffic blocked off alternately depending on the stage of work. Travel delays could be expected and partial detours could be required.

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