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Children's Auction facing crucial year for need

July 30, 2020
REGION — Preparations are underway for the annual Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction with organizers discussing how to make the event safe given the pandemic.

The Children's Auction will run from Dec. 8-12 with organizers extensively discussing options for this year. With the extra need given the economic circumstances and the increased demand on local services organizers have agreed the Children's Auction is especially needed this year.

Children's Auction chair Jamie Sousa said when the pandemic hit they were immediately concerned about organizations like the Got Lunch programs, which were extending their services through the school year.

"We've just been trying to provide as much support to those organizations that are getting hit hard as a result," Sousa said, adding that they always look at this from the perspective of the children. "This is not something we can possibly cancel."

Sousa said this has been an opportunity to look at what can be done from a different perspective while accounting for safety and social distancing.

The Children's Auction has been scheduled for Dec. 8-12, and Sousa said the organizers have been having a lot of discussions about this year's event. She said they have been meeting multiple times a week and working out details and options.

"It's so impressive; it's this huge scale business that operates for one week a year," Sousa said.

She said they are trying to figure out how to do the event with fewer people and making this as safe for the volunteers and the public as possible

"We can't assume that things will be significantly different than they are now," Sousa said. "We just want to keep everybody safe."

She said Allen and Jennifer Beetle and the rest of the Pub Mania team have agreed that the auction must go on this year given the circumstances. Pub Mania will become the It's For the Kids Community Challenge this year. Different teams will do individual fundraising efforts culminating with a closing event on Dec. 10.

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