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Selectmen to review out of state training

July 03, 2020
The selectmen will review removing the bans on training out of state and outside groups in town hall in another month with a better view of coronavirus numbers.

On Wednesday town administrator Scott Dunn gave the selectmen an update on coronavirus response in town including discussions on what could reopen and resume now and what would be best to wait on.

In March, the board halted out of state employee trainings, Dunn asked the selectmen on Wednesday if they wanted to start allowing these again or keep the restriction. He said food for thought is that most conferences are not being held.

Selectman Gus Benavides asked the department managers if they had any trainings or conferences still scheduled. Aside from a scheduled FBI training hosted at town hall, other meetings have bene canceled or being held virtually.

Selectman Kevin Hayes said they could make any out of state trainings subject to Dunn's approval. He said if the police chief got a chance to train with the FBI and the town had a ban in place he would be in favor of suspending the ban. Dunn said out of state trainings require board approval anyway. Eddy said they could revisit this on a monthly basis to see what happens.

Dunn also brought up the town's current ban on outside groups meeting in town hall.

Dunn said a lot of groups use town hall for meetings including homeowners associations and other residence groups and have relied on the building to hold their annual meetings. He said things are different now with New Hampshire not seeing the kind of COVID-19 numbers other states are seeing.

"I've made it very clear I want to open things up as quickly as possible; however, I think where if those groups still wanted to meet, we're finally in great weather that if they had to meet outside somewhere, they can still hold their meetings," Benavides said. "If we were talking wintertime, it would be a different story."

Hayes said he favored continuing the ban until they are absolutely sure the coronavirus numbers are down.

Eddy said they could also revisit this next month.

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