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Selectmen to ask ZBA to look into quorum issues

August 01, 2019
The selectmen will ask the Zoning Board of Adjustment to examine why it's been having problems keeping a quorum, and has, a result, had to postpone scheduled meetings.

Selectman Chan Eddy brought a concern to the board from an alternate ZBA member about how the ZBA didn't have a quorum for its recent meeting and as a result the meeting was rescheduled. Eddy said this has happened other times as well. Eddy said the ZBA only meets once a month and only when someone has an application for a special exception or variance.

One other issue has been the board has five regular members and there have been meetings when three members have had to recuse themselves from a consideration because of different conflicts, leaving the board without a quorum.

"(It) seems to be happening quite a bit. That's disturbing to me," Eddy said.

Eddy said it seems they have to get more members on the board. Currently there are five regular members and three alternates. Sometimes three would show up and one would have to recuse themselves.

Selectman Gus Benavides said the ZBA chair should address this with the board members as a group and it's not a matter of increasing the size of the board. Eddy said that was a good idea.

"I don't think any of you folks would like to go before the Zoning Board. You've spent your money, you've spent your time getting all the paperwork together to find out they can't handle it because there's not enough people there to have the meeting," Eddy said.

Board Chair Richard Grenier agreed something needed to be discussed.

"As a town, we have a commitment to be there when these people come in; I mean, it is the ZBA," Grenier said.

The board agreed by consensus to ask the ZBA to look into this issue.

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