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GES students bring historical figures to life

Ripley Kiedaisch plays Rosie the Riveter. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
April 25, 2019
Third graders at Gilford Elementary School played the parts of numerous historical figures during the culmination of their Wax Museum project.

Third graders did research projects on a number of different notable people. On Tuesday night the kids lined the hallways dressed as the historical figure they did their projects on, giving first person presentations on their subjects' lives.

GES Principal Danielle Bolduc said this is the first time the third graders will do a research project. The project is part of the school's informed writing unit.

Third grade teacher Danielle Vachon said people came into the class from the Gilford Public Library and introduced books on different people the kids might want to research. The students read different biographies and other resources to get ideas for their project, then picked a top three. Vachon said the kids usually get their first choice of historical figures to research,

They did research on their subject and wrote out facts on them. Part of the presentations include a timeline, pictures of their subject, writing an "I Am" poem about their subjects, an dressing as their subjects.

"The kids, they put in a lot of time and effort into it, and it really shows," Vachon said.

Bolduc said the third graders really put in a lot of work into their projects.

The project is an annual tradition that has gone on for many years. Vachon said past students will come in and see the projects being done today.

Ripley Kiedaisch did her project on Naomi Parker-Frawley, who is believed to be the real inspiration for Rosie the Riveter.

"I think she's awesome," Ripley said. "She helped women's rights in working."

Her mom Sage Kiedaisch said Ripley has had an interest in Rosie the Riveter since she was little.

Ripley wore a Rosie the Riveter uniform that Sage said was a lucky find on eBay.

"I didn't even think it existed," Sage said.

Ryan Suarez did his project on Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ryan said he took up his subject as a president, though he said he learned so much more about him.

"He has a lot of really important facts," Ryan said.

He said he learned Eisenhower played an essential role in World War II, saying it was fascinating he was in the war. He also served as Chief of Staff and visited Laconia.

Ryan wore a World War II style uniform his dad found online. He also made "I Like Ike" stickers and gave them out to visitors.

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