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GYC hosts Sweetheart Gala

Kids dip into the chocolate fountain during the Sweetheart Gala at the Gilford Youth Center. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
February 20, 2019
Families dressed up for a fancy night on the town this past weekend at the Gilford Youth Center's third annual Sweetheart Gala.

On Saturday night, people of all ages walked down the red carpet and enjoyed a few hours of food, dancing, raffles, and some other fun times.

In addition to a catered meal, families could get their pictures taken at the photobooth with some wacky accessories or on the red carpet in front of a glowing backdrop. Guests could dunk cookies, pretzels, fruit, an other tasty treats into a chocolate fountain.

"Just another one of our community events that brings both adults and kids together," said GYC director Scott Hodsdon.

The event featured a performance by Edgewater Dance Company, kids also had the opportunity to learn some of their moves. Hodsdon said Edgewater has been coming to the event for the past few years and the GYC will make space for them.

Hodsdon said they also had some good sponsors, including Advisors Financial Planning and food provided by Hannaford and Shaw's. Ellie Murphy of Dough Re Me did the catering.

"We're very grateful for the support we receive," Hodsdon said.

All proceeds from the gala will benefit the GYC and its programs.

The gala also had a toy raffle. Guests could buy tickets and put them in different bags in front of toys.

Staff member Shelby Cole helped sell tickets. She said she though working at the Sweetheart Gala would be really fun.

"It's really pretty, you see all the little kids," Cole said. "It's a good experience to meet up with all the little kids."

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