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Sununu, Edwards top Gilford choices

November 14, 2018
Gilford voters generally favored the Republican candidates in the midterm election.

Voters took to the polls at the Gilford Youth Center on Tuesday to cast their ballots for their choices of candidates.

For governor, Chris Sununu was the overall winner in Gilford, as he was statewide. The Republican incumbent received 2,299 votes against 1,399 votes received by Democrat Molly Kelly and 34 for Libertarian Jiletta Jarvis.

For representative in Congress, Republican Eddie Edwards received the most votes in Gilford with 1,878 against 1,793 for Democrat and eventual district-wide winner Chris Pappas and 44 for Libertarian Dan Belforti.

For Executive Councilor, Republican incumbent Joe Kenney was the choice of Gilford voters with 1,982 votes, while Democrat Michael Cryans, who ultimately won election to the influential District 1 Council seat on his fifth attempt, received 1,544 and Libertarian Tobin Menard received 75.

In the race for State Senator for District 7, Republican victor Harold French received 1,935 votes in Gilford, while Democrat Mason Donovan received 1,669.

For State Representative in Belknap District 2, Gilford voters chose Republicans, and eventual winners, Harry Bean, Glen Aldrich, Deanna Jurius, and Jonathan Mackie. Bean received 1,810 votes, Aldrich received 1,798, Jurius received 1,729, and Mackie received 1,666. On the Democrat side, Diane Hanley received 1,603 votes, Dorothy Piquado received 1,582, Rosemary Uiker received 1,549, and Stephen McBrian received 1,310. Independent candidate Eliza Leadbeater got 469 votes.

The rest of the races were uncontested. Belknap County Sheriff Michael Moyer received 1,927 votes as a Republican and 1,571 as a Democrat. County Attorney Andrew Livernois got 1,897 as a Republican and 1,535 as a Democrat. County Commissioner Hunter Taylor received 1,968 votes as a Republican and 1,405 as a Democrat.

Michael Muzzey received 2,462 votes for County Treasurer, Judy McGrath received 2,490 votes for Register of Deeds, and Alan Glassman received 2,457 votes for Register of Probate. All three are Republicans.

In the constitutional amendment questions, Question 1 related to magistrate accountability and the Right to Know received 2,742 Yes votes and 583 No votes.

Question 2 on language related to the right to privacy received 2,733 Yes votes and 638 No votes.

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